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The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon

In a quiet Vermont community a series of severed right hands appear in milk cartons on the steps of the police department. Five days later, the body of each hand’s owner is found on public display. Alternating chapters from the past and present follow Reggie Dufrane, first as a 13 year-old living through this time of horror, with her mother the last victim, and then as an adult 25 years later, when her mother is found alive in a homeless shelter mentally and physically ill.

In the Blood by Lisa Unger

Lana Granger is psychologically wounded from a childhood trauma. With great gaps in her memory, she has taken refuge at a small college in upstate New York, losing herself in her studies. Nearing graduation, she takes a job babysitting for a troubled boy who has recently moved to the community. As her relationship with the boy escalates, her best friend goes missing and Lana embarks on a quest to find her. In  the process she uncovers many secrets about her own past.  The riveted reader will discover that nothing is as it seems.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

The author of the Time Traveler’s Wife is back with another paranormal excursion. Twin daughters of estranged twin sisters inherit the estate of their aunt with the proviso that they must live in her apartment for a year. Chicago natives Julia and Valentina pack up and move to their new home which located adjacent to London’s historic Highgate Cemetery. The reader encounters ghosts, a family mystery, plot twists and an eccentric neighbor with OCD. The mix will keep you engaged to the end. ~Marty

Call number: Fiction NIFFENEGGER, A

The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan

Dr. Kate Philo works for a brilliant but misanthropic scientist who has successfully “reanimated” small sea animals that have died and been preserved in Arctic ice. While supervising a crew on a voyage to bring back samples for further research, she encounters a huge iceberg that yields a very large find. At first they assume it is a seal, but soon discover that it is a frozen man. Will they be able to reanimate a human being? What are the ethics of bringing someone back from the dead?  What can be learned about our society today from someone who lived in an earlier time?

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