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Amanda K.

I love audiobooks! There is something wonderful about a great story being read to you.

Dawn G.

I've been enjoying reminiscing about the 80's and sharing with my daughter.

Erin L.

There's something cathartic about reading a book that makes you ugly cry.

Lauren C.

I found some great historical fiction reads, including The Zookeeper's Wife.

Tom B.

This is about the time of year my ears yearn for some beats.

Kelly K.

I'm loving films that address interculturalism well.

Shannon G.

I'm celebrating the Cubs with some baseball themed books.

Sharon H.

I'm excited about the new Anne of Green Gables series on Netflix in May.

Suzy M.

My reading includes historical family dramas during WWII.

Sue O.

I’m currently planting gardens and enjoying gardening fiction.