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Amanda K.

2017 is almost up! Did you meet your reading goals? I'm close to my goal of 75.

Ed B.

It's been a decade since one of the greatest years in cinema history.

Erin L.

Learning about the history behind graphic novel characters is fascinating. 

Jacob S.

I've been catching up on all the Star Wars stuff that came out this year.

Karen B.

Classic holiday movies, books, and music are ways to enjoy the whimsy of bygone days.

Katelyn V.

I'm looking forward to introducing my daughter to all of the great Christmas music out there!

Kelly K.

Loving local, independent news coverage of daily life in Chicagoland!

Kira R.

Check out my funny picks to keep you cheery through the darkest winter days!

Lauren C.

My favorite type of entertainment is reading a cozy book, as the snow falls outside my window.

Loree N.

I'm taking time to evaluate what is most important this season: love, hope, and joy.

Sharon H.

I've read a lot of books in 2017, these titles were the standouts for me.

Suzy M.

I'm looking forward to watching the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix.