New Fiction


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Fiction ABRAHAMS, T. Abrahams, Tom Sedition
Teen Fiction BERNARD, R. Bernard, Romily, Remember me 
Fiction BEZMOZGIS, D. Bezmozgis, David, The betrayers 
Fiction BLOCK, F.L. Block, Francesca Lia. Beyond the Pale Motel 
Fiction BOYKIN, K. Boykin, Kim, Palmetto moon 
Fiction BROWNE, H. Browne, Hester. Honeymoon hotel 
Fiction CATO, B. Cato, Beth. The clockwork dagger 
Fiction CHANCELLOR, W. Chancellor, Will, A brave man seven storeys tall 
Fiction CHASE, E. Chase, Emma. Twisted 
Fiction CHASE, E. Chase, Emma. Tangled 
Teen Fiction COBEN, H. Coben, Harlan, Found 
Fiction COULTER, C. Coulter, Catherine, The lost key 
Mystery CROMBIE, D. Crombie, Deborah To dwell in darkness
Teen Fiction DASHNER, J. Dashner, James, The rule of thoughts 
Fiction DE LA CRUZ, M. De la Cruz, Melissa, Vampires of Manhattan 
Fiction DILLON, L. Dillon, Lucy, A hundred pieces of me 
Fiction DUNCAN, R. Duncan, Rod, The bullet-catcher's daughter 
Teen Fiction EVANS, R.P. Evans, Richard Paul. Michael Vey.
Fiction FOSTER, L. Foster, Lori, Up in flames 
Fiction GIRALDI, W. Giraldi, William. Hold the dark 
Fiction GRAHAM, H. Graham, Heather, The betrayed 
Teen Fiction GRANT, M. Grant, Michael, Messenger of Fear 
Fiction GULLEY, P. Gulley, Philip. A Place Called Hope 
Mystery HELEY, V. Heley, Veronica, Murder in time 
Fiction HENDRIX, G. Hendrix, Grady, Horrorstor
Fiction JORDAN, A. Jordan, Allegra. The end of innocence 
Fiction KALLENTOFT, M. Kallentoft, Mons, Autumn killing 
Fiction KEARSLEY, S. Kearsley, Susanna, Season of storms 
Fiction LEE, T.M. Lee, Tosca Moon. The legend of Sheba 
Fiction LEVEEN, L. Leveen, Lois Juliet's nurse
Fiction LISS, D. Liss, David, The day of atonement 
Fiction MANTEL, H. Mantel, Hilary, The assassination of Margaret Thatcher 
Teen Fiction MEAD, R. Mead, Richelle, Silver shadows 
Mystery MORAN, T.F. Moran, Terrie Farley, Well read, then dead 
Mystery MOSLEY, W. Mosley, Walter, Rose Gold 
Teen Fiction MYERS, W.D. Myers, Walter Dean, On a clear day 
Teen Fiction O'BRIEN, C.M. O'Brien, Caragh M. The vault of dreamers 
Fiction PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James, Burn 
Mystery PERRY, C.J. Perry, Carol J., Caught dead handed 
Mystery PIKE, P. Pike, Penny. Death of a crabby cook 
Teen Fiction SHOWALTER, G. Showalter, Gena, The queen of zombie hearts 
Fiction STEIN, G. Stein, Garth A sudden light
Mystery SUNDSTOL, V. Sundstol, Vidar, Only the dead 
Fiction SZARLAN, C. Szarlan, Chrysler The Hawley book of the dead
Mystery TALLEY, M.D. Talley, Marcia Dutton, Tomorrow's vengeance 
Teen Fiction TALLEY, R. Talley, Robin, Lies we tell ourselves 
Teen Fiction VAIL, R. Vail, Rachel. Unfriended 
Teen Fiction WOLITZER, M. Wolitzer, Meg, Belzhar