New Fiction


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LARGE TYPE Fiction ALEXANDER, V. Alexander, Victoria, The shocking secret of a guest at the wedding 
LARGE TYPE Fiction ALLEN, S.A. Allen, Sarah Addison, First frost 
Fiction ANDERSON, J. Anderson, James The Never-Open Desert Diner 
Teen Fiction ARNOLD, E.K. Arnold, Elana K., Infandous 
Fiction BAKER, J. Baker, Jo, The mermaid's child 
Fiction BAUER, A. Bauer, Ann, Forgiveness 4 you 
Teen Fiction BROOKS, K. Brooks, Kevin, The bunker diary 
Fiction BUCKINGHAM, R. Buckingham, Royce, Impasse 
Fiction CANDER, C. Cander, Chris. Whisper hollow 
Fiction CARRIGER, G. Carriger, Gail, Prudence 
Fiction CASTELLANOS, M.H. Castellanos Moya, Horacio, The dream of my return 
Fiction CHEUSE, A. Cheuse, Alan, Prayers for the living 
Mystery CLARK, C. Clark, Cassandra, The dragon of Handale 
Fiction COBEN, H. Coben, Harlan, The stranger 
LARGE TYPE Fiction COPELAND, L. Copeland, Lori. My heart stood still 
Mystery DANNA, J.J. Danna, Jen J. Two parts bloody murder 
Fiction DAWSON, J. Dawson, Jill, The tell-tale heart 
Fiction DUTTON, E. Dutton, Erin. For the love of cake 
Mystery DUTTON, H. Dutton, Hugh. Supposed to die 
Graphic Novel ELLIS Ellis, Warren, Trees.
Fiction EPHRON, H. Ephron, Hallie, Night night, sleep tight 
Fiction ESSBAUM, J.A. Essbaum, Jill Alexander, Hausfrau 
Fiction FERGUSON, M.A. Ferguson, Mark Andrew, The lost boys symphony 
Fiction FULLER, C. Fuller, Claire. Our endless numbered days 
Fiction GILBERT, K.C. Gilbert, Kellie Coates, Where rivers part 
Fiction GORTNER, C.W. Gortner, C. W., Mademoiselle Chanel 
Teen Fiction GREEN, S. Green, Sally Half wild 
SF/F HAIG, F. Haig, Francesca, The fire sermon 
Fiction HANNAHAM, J. Hannaham, James, Delicious foods 
Mystery HARROD-EAGLES, C. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia, Star fall 
Fiction HEWITT, J. Hewitt, Jason, The dynamite room 
Fiction HIRT, D. Hirt, Douglas. Bone digger 
Fiction HORACK, S. Horack, Skip. The other Joseph 
Fiction IMRIE, C. Imrie, Celia, Not quite nice 
Fiction JAMES, L. James, Lorelei, Unraveled 
Fiction KELLY, M.L. Kelly, Mary Louise. The bullet 
Fiction KINSELLA, W.P. Kinsella, W. P., The essential 
Mystery KIRBY, L.D. Kirby, Leslie Dana. The Perfect game 
Fiction LANDAU, A. Landau, Alexis. The empire of the senses 
Fiction LAUKKANEN, O. Laukkanen, Owen. The stolen ones 
Teen Fiction LEE, S. Lee, Stacey, Under a painted sky 
Fiction LEWIS, B. Lewis, Beverly, The love letters.  
LARGE TYPE Fiction MILLER, L.L. Miller, Linda Lael. The marriage charm 
Fiction MORRELL, D. Morrell, David, Inspector of the dead 
Fiction NEILL, C. Neill, Chloe, Dark debt 
Fiction NESBITT, J.D. Nesbitt, John D., Don't be a stranger 
LARGE TYPE Mystery RENDELL, R. Rendell, Ruth, The girl next door 
Fiction ROSE, M.J. Rose, M. J., The witch of painted sorrows 
Fiction SCHEIBE, A. Scheibe, Amy. A fireproof home for the bride 
Fiction SIMMONS, D. Simmons, Dan, The fifth heart 
Fiction SORRELLS, A.K. Sorrells, Amy K., Then sings my soul 
Fiction THOMA, J.J. Thoma, Jesse J., Pedal to the metal 
Teen Fiction THORNE, J.M. Thorne, Jenn Marie, The wrong side of right 
Fiction TORDAY, D. Torday, Daniel The last flight of Poxl West
Fiction UNSWORTH, S.K. Unsworth, Simon Kurt, The devil's detective 
Fiction VARGAS LLOSA, M. Vargas Llosa, Mario The discreet hero
Fiction YOUNG-STONE, M. Young-Stone, Michele, Above us only sky