New Fiction


FICTION ANDERS, C. All the birds in the sky / Charlie Jane Anders.
FICTION ANDREWS, V.C. Sage's eyes / V.C. Andrews.
FICTION ARMSTRONG, K. Otherworld secrets : more thrilling Otherworld tales / Kelley Armstrong.
FICTION BELCHER, W.B. Lay down your weary tune / W. B. Belcher.
FICTION BETANCOURT, I. The blue line : a novel / Ingrid Betancourt.
FICTION BURKE, A. The ex : a novel / Alafair Burke.
FICTION BURROWES, G. Will's true wish / Grace Burrowes.
FICTION CANTOR, R. Good on paper : a novel / Rachel Cantor.
FICTION COGBURN, E.B. Louisiana saves the library / by Emily Beck Cogburn.
FICTION COONTS, S. The art of war : a novel / Stephen Coonts.
FICTION DORSEY, T. Coconut cowboy / Tim Dorsey.
FICTION EISLER, B. The God's eye view / Barry Eisler.
FICTION FAULKS, S. Where my heart used to beat : a novel / Sebastian Faulks.
FICTION FEEHAN, C. Spider game / Christine Feehan.
FICTION FRANK, S. Shaker / Scott Frank.
FICTION GOWDA, S.S. The golden son : a novel / Shilpi Somaya Gowda.
FICTION GUSKIN, S. The Forgetting Time / Sharon Guskin
FICTION HILL, L. The illegal : a novel / Lawrence Hill.
FICTION KALLA, D. Nightfall over Shanghai : a novel / Daniel Kalla.
FICTION KELLERMAN, J. Breakdown : an Alex Delaware novel / Jonathan Kellerman.
FICTION KIRCHNER, B. Goddess of fire / Bharti Kirchner.
FICTION LANSDALE, J.R. Honky tonk samurai / Joe R. Lansdale.
FICTION MARTEL, Y. The high mountains of Portugal : a novel / Yann Martel.
FICTION MARTIN, K. Into the fury / Kat Martin.
FICTION MASTERTON, G. Taken for dead / Graham Masterton.
FICTION MOLESINI, A. Not all bastards are from Vienna / Andrea Molesini
FICTION MOORE, J. The poison artist / Jonathan Moore.
FICTION NEGGERS, C. The spring at Moss Hill / Carla Neggers.
FICTION ROBB, J.D. Brotherhood in death / J. D. Robb.
FICTION SAINTCROW, L. Roadside magic / Lilith Saintcrow.
FICTION SHORT STORIES GODS The gods of H.P. Lovecraft / edited by Aaron J. French.
FICTION SPIVACK, K. Unspeakable things : a novel / Kathleen Spivack.
FICTION SWINSON, K. The score / Kiki Swinson.
FICTION VON KREISLER, K. Earnest / Kristin von Kreisler.
FICTION WALTERS, M. The cellar / Minette Walters.
FICTION WEBER, C. No more Mr. Nice Guy / Carl Weber with Stephanie Covington.
FICTION WILSON, S. Girl through glass : a novel / Sari Wilson.
FICTION ZANETTI, R. Mercury striking / Rebecca Zanetti.
GRAPHIC NOVEL SEELEY Revival : a rural noir. Volume 6, Thy loyal sons & daughters / Tim Seeley
LARGE TYPE FICTION ABBOTT, J. The first order / Jeff Abbott.
LARGE TYPE FICTION ADICHIE, C.N. Americanah / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BIVALD, K. The readers of broken wheel recommend / Katarina Bivald
LARGE TYPE FICTION BROWN, T. Fallen land / Taylor Brown.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BURKE, A. The ex : a novel / Alafair Burke.
LARGE TYPE FICTION JACKSON, N.A. The star side of Bird Hill / by Naomi Jackson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION KELLERMAN, J. Breakdown / Jonathan Kellerman.
LARGE TYPE FICTION LEE, J.Y.K. The expatriates / Janice Y. K. Lee.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PATTERSON, J. NYPD Red 4 / James Patterson and Marshall Karp.
LARGE TYPE FICTION SCOTT, J. The hundred gifts / Jennifer Scott.
MYSTERY COLEMAN, R.F. Where it hurts / Reed Farrel Coleman.
MYSTERY CONRAD, H. Dearly departed / Hy Conrad.
MYSTERY DEPOY, P. A prisoner in Malta / Phillip DePoy.
MYSTERY DONLEA, C. Summit Lake / Charlie Donlea.
MYSTERY JONES, S. Tundra kill : a novel / Stan Jones.
MYSTERY LAWRENCE, M. Death of an alchemist / Mary Lawrence.
MYSTERY MULLER, M. The plague of thieves affair / Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini.
MYSTERY SMITH, B.J. Rough justice / Brad Smith.
MYSTERY YARBRO, C.Q. Haunting investigation / Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.
SF/F BENNETT, R.J. City of blades : a novel / Robert Jackson Bennett.
SF/F HEARNE, K. Staked / Kevin Hearne.
SF/F TASSI, P. The sons of Sora / Paul Tassi.
TEEN FICTION CROSS, K.L. So shall I reap / Kathy-Lynn Cross.
TEEN FICTION GOODMAN, A. The Dark Days Club : a Lady Helen novel / Alison Goodman.
TEEN FICTION GRANT, M. Front lines / Michael Grant.
TEEN FICTION MARTIN, E. The year we fell apart / Emily Martin.
TEEN FICTION RUDNICK, P. It's all your fault / Paul Rudnick.
TEEN FICTION STORK, F.X. The memory of light / Francisco X. Stork.