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Teen Fiction ABAWL, A. Abawi, Atia. The secret sky 
Mystery ABBOTT, V. Abbott, Victoria. The wolfe widow 
Fiction ADCOCK, S. Adcock, Siobhan. The barter 
Fiction ADLER, M.A. Adler, M.A. In the Shadow of Lies 
Fiction ADLER-OLSEN, J. Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Marco Effect 
Mystery ALBERT, S.W. Albert, Susan Wittig, The Darling Dahlias and the silver dollar bush 
Mystery ARNALDUR, I. Arnaldur Indridason Strange shores 
Mystery BELLE, J. Belle, Josie. Marked down for murder 
Mystery BERENSON, L. Berenson, Laurien, Death of a dog whisperer 
Fiction BERGER, S.B. Berger, Sande Boritz. The Sweetness 
Teen Fiction BETTS, A.J. Betts, A. J., Zac & Mia 
Teen Fiction BLOCK, F.L. Block, Francesca Lia. The island of excess love 
Teen Fiction BLOUNT, P. Blount, Patty. Some boys 
Mystery BRADY, J. Brady, Jacklyn. Rebel without a cake 
SF/F BRIGGS, P. Briggs, Patricia. Shifting shadows 
Fiction BUCHMAN, M.L. Buchman, M. L. Light up the night 
Mystery CAMERON, K.M. Cameron, Kenneth M., The second woman 
Fiction CANTERO, E. Cantero, Edgar, The supernatural enhancements 
Fiction CLAYTON, A. Clayton, Alice, Screwdrivered 
Mystery COEL, M. Coel, Margaret, Night of the white buffalo 
Mystery COLEMAN, R.F. Coleman, Reed Farrel, Robert B. Parker's Blind spot 
Fiction ELLIOT, C. Elliot, Camille. Prelude for a Lord 
Teen Fiction EMERSON, K. Emerson, Kevin The far dawn
Teen Fiction EWING, A. Ewing, Amy. The Jewel 
Fiction FEEHAN, C. Feehan, Christine. Dark blood 
Graphic Novel FEIFFER Feiffer, Jules. Kill my mother 
Teen 153.6 FIN Fine, Debra, Beyond texting 
Fiction FRIEDMAN, S. Friedman, Sanford, Conversations with Beethoven 
Mystery FULLER, S. Fuller, Samuel, Brainquake 
Fiction GALLOWAY, M. Galloway, Marcus. The dangerous land 
Teen Fiction GARNER, E. Garner, Em, Mercy mode 
Fiction GILTROW, H. Giltrow, Helen. The distance
Fiction GIRARD, A. Girard, Anne, Madame Picasso 
Fiction GRAY, S.S. Gray, Shelley Shepard. Joyful 
Fiction GREGORY, P. Gregory, Philippa The king's curse
Mystery HANNAH, S. Hannah, Sophie The monogram murders
Fiction HART, B. Hart, Brian The bully of order 
Teen Fiction HART, J. Hart, Jeff Undead with benefits 
Mystery HARVEY, J. Harvey, John, Darkness, darkness 
Fiction HAYNES, N. Haynes, Natalie. The furies 
Fiction HOFFMAN, P. Hoffman, Patrick, The white van 
Fiction HOOD, A. Hood, Ann, An Italian wife 
Fiction HOOPER, K. Hooper, Kay, Haunted 
Fiction HOOPER, K. Hooper, Kay. Hostage 
Fiction HUSTON, N. Huston, Nancy, Black dance 
SF/F JACKA, B. Jacka, Benedict, Hidden 
Fiction JACKSON, L. Jackson, Lisa, Close to home 
Fiction KAUFFMAN, D. Kauffman, Donna, Sandpiper Island 
Fiction KELLER, J. Keller, Julia. Summer of the dead 
Mystery KELLERMAN, F. Kellerman, Faye, Murder 101 
Fiction KELLY, C. Kelly, Carla, Marco and the devil's bargain 
Mystery KENNEDY, M. Kennedy, Mary, Nightmares can be murder 
Fiction KING, S. King, Shelly. The moment of everything 
Fiction KINGSBURY, K. Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking 
Fiction KIRKPATRICK, J. Kirkpatrick, Jane, A light in the wilderness 
Teen Fiction KLAVAN, A. Klavan, Andrew. MindWar 
Teen Fiction LAMARCHE, U. LaMarche, Una, Like no other 
Mystery LEHANE, D. Lehane, Dennis. The drop 
Fiction LERNER, B. Lerner, Ben. 1004 a novel 
Teen Fiction LORE, P. Lore, Pittacus, The revenge of seven 
Teen Fiction MAAS, S.J. Maas, Sarah J. Heir of fire 
SF/F MABERRY, J. Maberry, Jonathan. Fall of night 
Teen Fiction MATHIEU, J. Mathieu, Jennifer. The truth about Alice 
Mystery MAY, P. May, Peter, The Lewis man 
Fiction McEWAN, I. McEwan, Ian The children act
SF/F McGUIRE, S. McGuire, Seanan, The winter long 
SF/F MILLER, J.J. Miller, John Jackson. A new dawn 
Fiction MITCHELL, D. Mitchell, David The bone clocks 
Fiction MORAIS, R.C. Morais, Richard C., The hundred-foot journey 
Fiction MOSS, T. Moss, Todd. The golden hour 
Fiction MUNAWEERA, N. Munaweera, Nayomi. Island of a thousand mirrors 
Teen Fiction MYRACLE, L. Myracle, Lauren, Yolo 
Fiction PITRE, M. Pitre, Michael. Fives and twenty-fives 
Fiction PRIEST, C. Priest, Cherie. Maplecroft 
Fiction PUTNEY, M.J. Putney, Mary Jo. Not quite a wife 
Teen Fiction RHODES, M. Rhodes, Morgan. Rebel spring 
Fiction ROBB, J.D. Robb, J. D., Festive in death 
SF/F SALVATORE, R.A> Salvatore, R. A., Night of the hunter 
Teen Fiction SCHINDLER, H. Schindler, Holly, Feral 
Mystery SCOTT, A.D. Scott, A. D. The low road 
Fiction SCOTT, K. Scott, Kylie Play
Mystery SERAFIM, L. Serafim, Leta, The devil takes half 
Teen Fiction SMITH, A. Smith, Andrew 100 sideways miles 
Fiction SMITH, K.S. Smith, Katy Simpson, The story of land and sea 
SF/F SPENCER, W. Spencer, Wen. Wood sprites 
SF/F STIRLING, S.M. Stirling, S. M., The golden princess 
Mystery SWANSON, D. Swanson, Denise, Murder of a needled knitter 
Graphic Novel ULINICH Ulinich, Anya, Lena Finkle's magic barrel 
SF/F VANDERMEER, J. VanderMeer, Jeff Acceptance
SF/F WATTS, P. Watts, Peter, Echopraxia 
Teen Fiction WEST, K. West, Kasie. On the fence 
SF/F WESTERFELD, S. Westerfeld, Scott. Behemoth 
Graphic Novel WILLINGHAM Willingham, Bill, Fables.
Fiction YATES Yates, Christopher J., Black chalk 
Mystery SHORT STORIES PRISON   Prison noir