New Fiction


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Graphic Novel AARON Aaron, Jason, Here was a man 
Mystery ALEXANDER, T. Alexander, Tasha, The counterfeit heiress 
Mystery ANDREWS, D. Andrews, Donna. The nightingale before Christmas
Fiction BAGSHAWE, T. Bagshawe, Tilly. Sidney Sheldon's chasing tomorrow 
LARGE TYPE Fiction BARCLAY, L. Barclay, Linwood. No safe house 
SF/F BEAR, G. Bear, Greg, War dogs 
Fiction BECKSTRAND, J. Beckstrand, Jennifer. Huckleberry Christmas 
Fiction BELLE, J. Belle, Jove, The job 
Teen Fiction BROCKMANN, S. Brockmann, Suzanne. Night sky 
LARGE TYPE Fiction BROWNLEY, M. Brownley, M. Four weddings and a kiss 
LARGE TYPE Fiction CHAMBERLAIN, D. Chamberlain, Diane, The silent sister 
Mystery COPPERMAN, E.J. Copperman, E. J., The question of the missing head 
LARGE TYPE Fiction COULTER, C. Coulter, Catherine. The lost key 
Fiction CROWNOVER, J.D. Crownover, James D., Wild ran the rivers 
Fiction DALLAS, S. Dallas, Sandra. A quilt for Christmas 
Teen Fiction DEMETRIOS, H. Demetrios, Heather. Exquisite captive 
Teen Fiction DURST, S.B. Durst, Sarah Beth. Chasing power 
SF/F EVANS, C. Evans, Chris Of bone and thunder 
Teen Fiction FOMBELLE, T. Fombelle, Timothy de, Vango.
LARGE TYPE Mystery FRANCIS, F. Francis, Felix. Dick Francis's Damage 
Fiction GEARY, V. Geary, Valerie. Crooked River 
Mystery GORMAN, E. Gorman, Edward. Riders on the storm 
Fiction GRANNEC, Y. Grannec, Yannick, The goddess of small victories 
Fiction GRANVILLE, E. Granville, Eliza. Gretel and the dark 
LARGE TYPE Mystery GRIMES, M. Grimes, Martha. Vertigo 42 
Fiction GRISHAM, J. Grisham, John, Gray Mountain 
Teen Fiction HANNAH, A. Hannah, Andrea. Of scars and stardust 
LARGE TYPE Fiction HENRY, P.C. Henry, Patti Callahan. The stories we tell 
Teen Fiction HENSLEY, J.N. Hensley, Joy N., Rites of passage 
Fiction HILL, M. Hill, Melissa, A gift to remember 
Teen Fiction HOWELL, S. Howell, Simmone. Girl defective 
Mystery HULL, L.J. Hull, Linda Joffe. Black Thursday 
LARGE TYPE Fiction JOHANSEN, I. Johansen, Iris. The perfect witness 
Mystery JOHNSON, C. Johnson, Craig, Wait for signs 
LARGE TYPE Fiction KELLERMAN, J. Kellerman, Jonathan, The Golem of Hollywood 
Fiction KINSELLA, S. Kinsella, Sophie. Shopaholic to the stars 
Fiction LITTLEFIELD, S. Littlefield, Sophie, The missing place 
Fiction LOVETT, C. Lovett, Charles C. First impressions
Fiction MALLERY, S. Mallery, Susan. The Christmas wedding ring 
Fiction MANFREDI, V. Manfredi, Valerio, Odysseus 
Fiction MARSHALL, P. Marshall, Peyton, Goodhouse 
Teen Fiction McBRIDE, S. McBride, Susan, Very bad things 
Fiction McCAIG, D. McCaig, Donald Ruth's journey
Fiction McDONOUGH, Y.Z. McDonough, Yona Zeldis. You were meant for me 
Teen Fiction McNEIL, G. McNeil, Gretchen. Get even 
Fiction MEHLMAN, P. Mehlman, Peter, It won't always be this great 
LARGE TYPE Fiction MICHAELS, F. Michaels, F. When the snow falls 
Fiction MILLER, J. Miller, Judith, The brickmaker's bride 
Fiction MORENO, C. Moreno, Courtney. In case of emergency 
Fiction NOVAK, C. Novak, Chase. Brood 
Graphic Novel O'MALLEY O'Malley, Bryan Lee, Scott Pilgrim vs. the universe 
Teen Fiction O'PORTER, D. O'Porter, Dawn. Paper airplanes 
Teen Fiction ORMAND, K. Ormand, Kate. Dark days 
Fiction PARK, T. Park, Tony, The Delta 
LARGE TYPE Fiction PARKER, T.J. Parker, T. Jefferson. Full measure 
Teen Fiction PERRY, J.B. Perry, Jolene B. Stronger than you know 
Fiction PETERSON, T. Peterson, Tracie. A matter of heart 
Teen Fiction PHILLIPS, L.V. Phillips, Linda Vigen. Crazy 
Teen Fiction PHILPOT, C. Philpot, Chelsey, Even in paradise 
Teen Fiction QUINTERO, I. Quintero, Isabel, Gabi, a girl in pieces 
Teen Fiction RAASCH, S. Raasch, Sara, Snow like ashes 
Teen Fiction REED, A.L. Reed, Amy Lynn. Damaged 
Teen Fiction RITTER, R.W. Ritter, R. William. Jackaby 
Fiction ROJSTACZER, S. Rojstaczer, Stuart. The Mathematician's Shiva 
SF/F RUCKLEY, B. Ruckley, Brian, The Free 
Teen Fiction SHAW, T. Shaw, Tucker. Oh yeah, Audrey! 
Mystery SIMON, C. Simon, Clea, Stages of grey 
Fiction SKIBSRUD, J. Skibsrud, Johanna, Quartet for the end of time 
Fiction St. AUBYN, E. St. Aubyn, Edward, On the edge 
Teen Fiction ST. CLAIRE, R. St. Claire, Roxanne, They all fall down 
Fiction STEINKE, D. Steinke, Darcey. Sister golden hair 
Teen Fiction STIEFVATER, M. Stiefvater, Maggie, Blue Lily, Lily Blue 
Fiction STRECKER, S. Strecker, Susan. Night blindness 
Teen Fiction SUMMER, M.E. Summer, Mary Elizabeth, Trust me, I'm lying 
Teen Fiction SUSSMAN, E. Sussman, Elissa, Stray 
Fiction TAYLOR,  P. Taylor, Patrick, An Irish doctor in peace and at war 
Teen Fiction TITCHENELL, F.J.R. Titchenell, F. J. R., Splinters 
Fiction VAN ALLEN, L. Van Allen, Lisa, The night garden 
Fiction VANLIERE, D. VanLiere, Donna, The Christmas light 
Fiction WARD, J.R. Ward, J. R., Immortal 
Fiction WAX, W. Wax, Wendy The house on Mermaid Point
Mystery WEAVER, A. Weaver, Ashley. Murder at the Brightwell 
Teen Fiction WHITNEY, D. Whitney, Daisy. The fire artist 
Fiction WOODS, S. Woods, Sherryl. The Christmas bouquet 
LARGE TYPE Fiction WOODS, S. Woods, Stuart. Paris match 
Fiction SHORT STORIES NO   No man's land 
Fiction SHORT STORIES SEXY   The sexy librarian's big book of erotica