New Fiction

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Graphic Novel AARON Aaron, Jason Men of Wrath
LARGE TYPE Fiction ADLER-OLSEN, J. Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Alphabet House
LARGE TYPE Mystery ALBERT, S.W. Albert, Susan Wittig Bittersweet
Fiction ANDREWS, M.K. Andrews, Mary Kay Beach Town
LARGE TYPE Mystery ATHERTON, N. Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Summer King
LARGE TYPE Fiction BALOGH, M. Balogh, Mary Beyond the Sunrise
Teen Fiction BARNHOLDT, L. Barnholdt, Lauren Heat of the Moment
Graphic Novel 741.5 Barry, Lynda Syllabus
Teen Fiction BEAUFRAND, M.J. Beaufrand, M.J. The Rise & Fall of the Gallivanters
SF/F BECKETT, C. Beckett, Chris Mother of  Eden
Graphic Novel BENDIS Bendis, Brian Michael The United States of Murder, Inc.
Mystery BLOCK, L. Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons
Fiction BRACKSTON, P. Brackston, Paula The Winter Witch
Fiction BRACKSTON, P. Brackston, Paula The Silver Witch
Fiction BREEN, C. Breen, Christine Her Name is Rose
Graphic Novel FLASH Buccellato, Brian The Flash, Volume 5
Mystery BUDE, J. Bude, John The Sussex Downs Murder
Fiction CADWALLADER, R. Cadwallader, Robyn The Anchoress
Fiction CARMACK, C. Carmack, Cora All Played Out
Fiction CHILD, L. Child, Lincoln The Forgotten Room
LARGE TYPE Fiction CLARK, M.H. Clark, Mary Higgins Death Wears A Beauty Mask
Fiction CLIPSTON, A. Clipston, Amy A Simple Prayer
Fiction COLLINS, K. Collins, Katana Wicked Exposure
Fiction CONNELL, J.A. Connell, John A. Ruins of War
Fiction COUCH, D. Couch, Dick Into the Fire
Fiction CUSHMAN, K. Cushman, Kathryn Finding Me
Fiction DANIELEWSKI, M.Z. Danielewski, Mark Z. The Familiar
Teen Fiction DE LA PENA De La Pena, Matt The Hunted
LARGE TYPE Fiction DEAVER, J. Deaver, Jeffery Solitude Creek
Fiction DONOGHUE, J. Donoghue, John The Death's Head Chess Club
Fiction DOWNUM, A. Downum, Amanda Dreams of Shreds & Tatters
Fiction DUBOW, C. Dubow, Charles Girl in the Moonlight
Fiction DUGAN, S. Dugan, Polly The Sweetheart Deal
Fiction EDEN, C. Eden, Cynthia Broken
Fiction ELLIOT-WRIGHT, S. Elliot Wright, Susan The Secrets We Left Behind
Fiction ENRIGHT, A. Enright, Anne The Green Road
Mystery FAYE, L. Faye, Lyndsay The Fatal Flame
Mystery FLOWER, A. Flower, Amanda The Final Reveille
Fiction FRANKEL, L. Frankel, Lauren Hyacinth Girls
Fiction GAGE, E.N. Gage, Eleni N. The Ladies of Managua
Graphic Novel IRON MAN Gillen, Kieron Iron Man, Rings of the Mandarin
Graphic Novel GOETZINGER Goetzinger, Annie Girl in Dior
Fiction GOULD, L. Gould, Leslie Amish Promises
Fiction GRAY, C. Gray, Casey Discount
Fiction GRAY, S.S. Gray, Shelley Shepard The Proposal at Siesta Key
Fiction GRIMES, L. Grimes, Linda The Big Fix
Fiction GUILD, N. Guild, Nicholas Blood Ties
Teen Fiction HARDINGE, F. Hardinge, Frances Cuckoo Song
Fiction HATCHER, R.L. Hatcher, Robin Lee Whenever You Come Around
Teen Fiction HAYDU, C.A. Haydu, Corey Ann Making Pretty
Teen Fiction HOGAN, E. Hogan, Edward The Messengers
Fiction HUGHES, A. Hughes, Anita French Coast
Mystery IFKOVIC, E. Ifkovic, Ed Café Europa
LARGE TYPE Fiction JOHANSEN, I. Johansen, Iris Your Next Breath
Mystery JOHNSON, C. Johnson, Craig Dry Bones
Mystery JOHNSTON, L.O. Johnston, Linda O. Bite the Biscuit
LARGE TYPE Fiction KELLS, C. Kells, Claire Girl Underwater
Fiction KENYON, S. Kenyon, Sherrilyn Born of Defiance
Teen Fiction KEPLINGER, K. Keplinger, Kody Lying Out Loud
Mystery KINGSTON, C. Kingston, Charles Murder in Piccadilly
Fiction KINSELLA, S. Kinsella, Sophie Shopaholic to the Stars
Fiction KNOLL, J. Knoll, Jessica Luckiest Girl Alive
Teen Fiction LATHAM, J. Latham, Jennifer Scarlett Undercover
Fiction LEE, A. Lee, Adrianne Delectable
Teen Fiction LEHRMAN, M. Lehrman, Maggie The Cost of All Things
Fiction LEIPCIGER, S. Leipciger, Sarah The Mountain Can Wait
LARGE TYPE Mystery LEON, D. Leon, Donna Falling in Love
Fiction LEOTTA, A. Leotta, Allison A Good Killing
LARGE TYPE Fiction LESCROART, J. Lescroart, John The Fall
Fiction LYNCH, P. Lynch, Paul The Black Snow
Fiction MALLERY, S. Mallery, Susan Hold Me
Fiction MANSELL, J. Mansell, Jill Making Your Mind Up
Fiction MARTIN, C. Martin, Charles Water from My Heart
LARGE TYPE Fiction MARTIN, K. Martin, Kat Against the Sky
SF/F MARTINEZ, M.J. Martinez, Michael J. The Venusian Gambit
Fiction MABERRY, J. Mayberry, Jonathan Predator One
Fiction MCEWEN, S. McEwen, Scott The Sniper and the Wolf
Fiction MCKENNA, L. McKenna, Lindsay Running Fire
Mystery MCPHERSON, C. McPherson, Catriona Come to Harm
LARGE TYPE Fiction MICHAELS, F. Michaels, Fern Perfect Match
Graphic Novel MILLAR Millar, Mark Starlight
Teen Fiction NIELSEN, S. Nielsen, Susin We Are All Made of Molecules
Fiction NOVIC, S. Novic, Sara Girl at War
Graphic Novel BATMAN Pak, Greg Batman/Superman, Volume 3
Fiction PALMER, M. Palmer, Michael Trauma
Fiction PARKER, C.L. Parker, C.L. Playing Dirty
SF/F PATRICK, D. Patrick, Den The Boy with the Porcelain Blade
LARGE TYPE Fiction QUICK, A. Quick, Amanda Garden of Lies
SF/F REED, M. Reed, Marguerite Archangel
Fiction REISMAN, N. Reisman, Nancy Trompe L'oeil
Graphic Novel FANTASTIC Robinson, James Fantastic 4
Fiction SALVALAGGIO, K. Salvalaggio, Karin Burnt River
LARGE TYPE Fiction SANDFORD, J. Sandford, John Gathering Prey
Fiction SAVAGE, M. Savage, Michael Countdown to Mecca
Fiction SCHOEMAN, K. Schoeman, Karel This Life
SF/F SCOTT, M.J. Scott, M.J. The Shattered Court
LARGE TYPE Fiction SCOTTOLINE, L. Scottoline, Lisa Every Fifteen Minutes
Fiction SHEPARD, J. Shepard, Jim The Book of Aron
LARGE TYPE Fiction SMILEY, J. Smiley, Jane Early Warning
SF/F SMITH, N. Smith, Neil Boo
Graphic Novel BATMAN Snyder, Scott Batman, Volume 6
Graphic Novel SHE-HULK Soule, Charles She-Hulk
Graphic Novel WOLVERINE Soule, Charles Dancing with the Devil
SF/F SUMNER-SMITH, K. Sumner-Smith, Karina Defiant
Graphic Novel TAMAKI Tamaki, Jillian Super Mutant Magic Academy
Graphic Novel SUPERMAN Taylor, Tom Earth 2, Volume 4
Graphic Novel SUPERMAN Taylor, Tom Earth 2, Volume 5
Graphic Novel IRON MAN Taylor, Tom Superior Iron Man
Fiction THOMAS, S.L. Thomas, Sarah Loudin Until the Harvest
Mystery THOMAS, W. Thomas, Will Anatomy of Evil
Fiction TREMAYNE, S.K. Tremayne, S.K. The Ice Twins
Fiction TYLER, P. Tyler, Paige Her Wild Hero
Graphic Novel VAUGHAN Vaughan, Brian K. The Last Man, Book Two
Fiction WALLACE, N. Wallace, Nicolle Madam President
Fiction WHITE, K. White, Karen The Sound of Glass
Graphic Novel WILLINGHAM Willingham, Bill Fables Happily Ever After
Mystery ZISKIN, J.W. Ziskin, James W. Stone Cold Dead