New Fiction



FICTION COMYNS, B. Our spoons came from Woolworths / Barbara Comyns
FICTION CUNNINGHAM, M. A wild swan : and other tales / Michael Cunningham
FICTION EVANS, R.P. The Mistletoe Inn : a novel / Richard Paul Evans.
FICTION FREEMANTLE, B. The cloud collector / Brian Freemantle.
FICTION GOLDEN, C. Dead ringers / Christopher Golden.
FICTION GRAHAM, W. The four swans : a novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797 / Winston Graham.
FICTION GRAHAM, W. The loving cup : a novel of Cornwall, 1813-1815 / Winston Graham.
FICTION GRAHAM, W. The stranger from the sea : a novel of Cornwall 1810-1811 / Winston Graham.
FICTION HAMBLY, B. Darkness on his bones / Barbara Hambly.
FICTION HAMMER, L. The girl in the ice / Lotte and Søren Hammer
FICTION HARRIS, L. Vendetta : a novel / Lisa Harris.
FICTION HAWKE, E. Rules for a knight : the last letter of Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke / Ethan Hawke
FICTION HOOVER, C. November 9 : a novel / Colleen Hoover.
FICTION KRIEGMAN, M. Things I can't explain / Mitchell Kriegman.
FICTION MARCH, E. Heartsong cottage / Emily March.
FICTION MATTICH, A. Zagreb cowboy : a Marko della Torre novel / Alen Mattich.
FICTION MCALPINE, G. Woman with a blue pencil : a novel / Gordon McAlpine.
FICTION ME, T.S. The exhibitionist / Tara Sue Me.
FICTION MILLER, J. The heart you carry home / Jennifer Miller.
FICTION NATHAN, A.S. The good neighbor : a novel / Amy Sue Nathan.
FICTION OHLSSON, K. Hostage : a novel / by Kristina Ohlsson ; translated by Marlaine Delargy.
FICTION OLSSON, K. All the houses : a novel / Karen Olsson.
FICTION PAGAN, C. Life and other near-death experiences : a novel / Camille Pagán.
FICTION RAY, S. American copper / Shann Ray.
FICTION REAY, K. The Brontë plot / Katherine Reay.
FICTION REIDY, D. The Voiceover artist / Dave Reidy.
FICTION RENNER, J. The great forgetting / James Renner.
FICTION SALA, T. The boys / Toni Sala ; translated from the Catalan by Mara Faye Lethem.
FICTION SHIMMIN, G. A kill in the morning / Graeme Shimmin.
FICTION SIROTT, J.C. This is the night : a novel / Jonah C. Sirott.
FICTION SOULJAH, S. A moment of silence / Sister Souljah.
FICTION SPENCER, K. Together for Christmas / Katherine Spencer.
FICTION ULITSKAYA, L. The big green tent / Ludmila Ulitskaya 
FICTION VALENTIN, B. False start / Barbara Valentin.
FICTION VAN BOOY, S. Tales of accidental genius : stories / Simon Van Booy.
GRAPHIC NOVEL GAIMAN The Sandman : overture / written by Neil Gaiman
GRAPHIC NOVEL HAWKEYE Hawkeye. Vol. 5, All-new Hawkeye / Jeff Lemire
GRAPHIC NOVEL LEMIRE Essex County / Jeff Lemire.
GRAPHIC NOVEL SPIDER-MAN Miles Morales: the ultimate Spider-Man / Brian Michael Bendis.
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Star Wars Darth Vader Volume 1, Vader / Kieron Gillen
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Star Wars Kanan. The last Padawan. 1 / Greg Weisman
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Star Wars Princess Leia / Mark Waid 
GRAPHIC NOVEL STURGES Fables. Volume one : the wolf among us / Matthew Sturges & Dave Justus
GRAPHIC NOVEL WILLINGHAM Fables : the deluxe edition, book eleven / Bill Willingham
LARGE TYPE FICTION CLEGG, B. Did you ever have a family / Bill Clegg.
LARGE TYPE FICTION DAILEY, J. Long, tall Christmas / Janet Dailey.
LARGE TYPE FICTION DALLAS, S. The last midwife / Sandra Dallas.
LARGE TYPE FICTION HICKAM, H.H. Carrying Albert home / Homer Hickam.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PATTERSON, J. Cross justice / James Patterson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PRESTON, D.J. Crimson Shore / Douglas Preston
LARGE TYPE FICTION SPARKS, N. See me / Nicholas Sparks.
LARGE TYPE FICTION WEINER, J. Who do you love / Jennifer Weiner.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY CRAIS, R. The Promise / Robert Crais
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY EVANOVICH, J. Tricky twenty-two : a Stephanie Plum novel / Janet Evanovich.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY KELLERMAN, J. The golem of Paris / Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY PERRY, A. A Christmas Escape / Anne Perry
MYSTERY ADAMS, E. Writing all wrongs / Ellery Adams.
MYSTERY CARL, J. The chocolate falcon fraud : a chocoholic mystery / JoAnna Carl.
MYSTERY CARLISLE, K. Crowned and moldering / Kate Carlisle.
MYSTERY ESTLEMAN, L.D. The sundown speech : an Amos Walker novel / Loren D. Estleman.
MYSTERY EVANOVICH, J. Tricky twenty-two : a Stephanie Plum novel / Janet Evanovich.
MYSTERY GOLDENBAUM, S. Trimmed with murder / Sally Goldenbaum.
MYSTERY JAPP, A. The Lady Agnès mystery. Volume 1 / Andrea Japp
MYSTERY MARTIN, N. Miss Ruffles inherits everything / Nancy Martin.
MYSTERY MCKINLAY, J. A likely story / Jenn McKinlay.
MYSTERY PETERSON, L.L. The spy on the Tennessee Walker / Linda Lee Peterson.
MYSTERY VARENNE, A. Loser's corner / Antonin Varenne
SF/F GOODKIND, T. Warheart / Terry Goodkind.
SF/F MARILLIER, J. Tower of thorns / Juliet Marillier.
SF/F NEWMAN, E. Planetfall / Emma Newman.
SF/F SHINN, S. Jeweled fire / Sharon Shinn.
SF/F VALENTE, C.M. Six-gun Snow White
TEEN FICTION ALWARD, A. Madly / Amy Alward.
TEEN FICTION BARNHOLDT, L. Right of way / Lauren Barnholdt.
TEEN FICTION BENNETT, J. The anatomical shape of a heart / Jenn Bennett.
TEEN FICTION BLAKE, K. Ungodly : the goddess war: book three / Kendare Blake.
TEEN FICTION BOBET, L. An inheritance of ashes / a novel by Leah Bobet.
TEEN FICTION BROCKMANN, S. Wild sky / Suzanne Brockmann and Melanie Brockmann.
TEEN FICTION CRANSE, P. All the major constellations / Pratima Cranse.
TEEN FICTION CREMER, A.R. The conjurer's riddle / Andrea Cremer.
TEEN FICTION DE LA CRUZ, M. Triple moon / Melissa de la Cruz.
TEEN FICTION ELLIOTT, L. Da Vinci's Tiger / L.M. Elliott
TEEN FICTION ENGEL, A. The revolution of Ivy / Amy Engel.
TEEN FICTION FARISH, T. Either the beginning or the end of the world / Terry Farish.
TEEN FICTION FITZPATRICK, B. Dangerous lies / Becca Fitzpatrick.
TEEN FICTION GIBNEY, S. See no color / Shannon Gibney.
TEEN FICTION GIBNEY, S. See no color / Shannon Gibney.
TEEN FICTION GRAY, C. Ten thousand skies above you : a firebird novel / Claudia Gray.
TEEN FICTION HALL, S. Signs point to yes / Sandy Hall.
TEEN FICTION HALPERN, J. Nightfall / Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski.
TEEN FICTION HOPKINS, E. Traffick / Ellen Hopkins.
TEEN FICTION JOHNSON, J.J. Believarexic / JJ Johnson.
TEEN FICTION JOHNSTON, E.K. A thousand nights / E. K. Johnston.
TEEN FICTION KATE, L. Unforgiven : a Fallen novel / Lauren Kate.
TEEN FICTION KEYSER, A. The way back from broken / by Amber J. Keyser.
TEEN FICTION KOTTARAS, E.K. How to be brave / E. Katherine Kottaras.
TEEN FICTION LIKAVICS, A. Daughters unto devils / Amy Lukavics.
TEEN FICTION MARTIN, D. The keeper / Darragh Martin.
TEEN FICTION MAXWELL, L. Gathering deep / Lisa Maxwell.
TEEN FICTION MEAD, R. Soundless / Richelle Mead.
TEEN FICTION MEYER, S. Twilight ; Life and death : a reimagining of the classic novel / Stephenie Meyer.
TEEN FICTION MIKULENCAK, M. Burn girl / Mandy Mikulencak.
TEEN FICTION MOORE, W. This way home / Wes Moore with Shawn Goodman.
TEEN FICTION OAKES, C. Wendy Darling. Volume one, Stars / Colleen Oakes.
TEEN FICTION PITCHER, C. The last faerie queen / Chelsea Pitcher.
TEEN FICTION PRATCHETT, T. The shepherd's crown / Terry Pratchett.
TEEN FICTION RAASCH, S. Ice like fire / Sara Raasch.
TEEN FICTION RENN, D. Blue voyage / Diana Renn.
TEEN FICTION REYNOLDS, J. All American boys / Jason Reynolds, Brendan Kiely.
TEEN FICTION RIBAY, R. An infinite number of parallel universes / Randy Ribay.
TEEN FICTION ROWELL, R. Carry on : the rise and fall of Simon Snow / Rainbow Rowell.
TEEN FICTION STEVENS, C.C. The lies about truth / Courtney C. Stevens.
TEEN FICTION STEWART, B. What we knew : a novel / Barbara Stewart.
TEEN FICTION SWEENEY, D. The Minnow / by Diana Sweeney.
TEEN FICTION THOMAS, S. The immortal heights / Sherry Thomas.
TEEN FICTION WAUDBY, J. One of us / Jeannie Waudby.
TEEN FICTION WIVIOTT, M. Paper hearts / Meg Wiviott.