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Fiction ABEL, J. Abel, James Protocol Zero
Teen Fiction ALENDER, K. Alender, Katie The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall
Fiction ALEXANDER, S. Alexander, Shelly It's in his Heart
Fiction ARMSTRONG, K. Armstrong, Kelley Deceptions
Fiction ASWANY, A. Aswany, Ala The Automobile Club of Egypt
LARGE TYPE Fiction ATTENBERG, J. Attenberg, Jami The Middlesteins
Fiction BARKER, S. Barker, Susan The Incarnations
Mystery BATACAN, F.H. Batacan, F.H. Smaller and Smaller Circles
SF/F BELCHER, R.S. Belcher R.S. Nightwise
Fiction BERLIN, L. Berlin, Lucia A Manual for Cleaning Women
Fiction BLACK, S. Black, Shayla Scandal Never Sleeps
Fiction BLETTER, D. Bletter, Diana A Remarkable Kindness
SF/F BODARD, A. Bodard, Aliette De The House of Shattered Wings
Mystery BOYLE, G. Boyle, Gerry Once Burned
Fiction BRACKMANN, L. Brackmann, Lisa Dragon Day
Teen Fiction BRAY, L Bray, Libra Lair of Dreams
Fiction BROOKES, A. Brookes, Adam Spy Games
Fiction BRUNSTETTER, W.E. Brunstetter, Wande E. The Gift
LARGE TYPE Fiction CARR, R. Carr, Robyn A New Hope
Fiction CARR, R. Carr, Robyn Wildest Dreams
LARGE TYPE Fiction CASH, W. Cash, Wiley A Land More Kind Than Home
Teen Fiction CHIBBARO, J. Chibbaro, Julie Into the Dangerous World
Fiction CLARKE, L. Clarke, Lucy The Blue
Fiction CLAYTON, M.W. Clayton, Meg Waite The Race for Paris
Fiction CLIPSTON, A. Clipston, Amy  A Season of Love
Fiction CLIPSTON, A. Clipston, Amy A Life of Joy
LARGE TYPE Fiction COBB, T. Cobb, Thomas Darkness the Color of Snow
Fiction COBB, T. Cobb, Thomas Darkness the Color of Snow
Mystery CORLEONE, D. Corleone, Douglas Gone Cold
Fiction COUGHLIN, J. Coughlin, Jack Night of the Cobra
LARGE TYPE Fiction DEVERAUX, J. Deveraux, Jude Ever After
Fiction DOIG, I. Doig, Ivan Last Bus to Wisdom
SF/F SHORT STORIES YEAR'S Dozois, Gardner R. The Year's Best Science Fiction
Teen Fiction DRAGT, T. Dragt, Tonke The Letter for the King
Mystery EBISCH, G.A. Ebisch, Glen The Bad Actor
Fiction EGAN, E. Egan, Elisabeth A Window Opens
Fiction ERPENBECK, J. Erpenbeck, Jenny The End of Days
Teen Fiction FITZPATRICK, H. Fitzpatrick, Huntley The Boy Most Likely To
SF/F FLETCHER, M.R. Fletcher, Michael R. Beyond Redemption
Teen Fiction FLETCHER, S. Fletcher, Susan E. A Little in Love
Fiction FOLEY, L. Foley, Lucy The Book of Lost and Found
Fiction FOROUTAN, P. Foroutan, Parnaz The Girl from the Garden
Teen Fiction FOWLEY-DOYLE, M. Fowley-Doyle, Moira The Accident Season
LARGE TYPE Fiction GABHART, A.H. Gabhart, Ann H. Small Town Girl
LARGE TYPE Fiction GILMORE, S.G. Gilmore, Susan Gregg The Funeral Dress
SF/F GOODKIND, T. Goodkind, Terry The First Confessor
Fiction GOTTLIEB, E. Gottlieb, Eli Best Boy
Fiction GOYER, T. Goyer, Tricia Made with Love
Mystery GRAFTON, S. Grafton, Sue
Teen Fiction GRATZ, A. Gratz, Alan Code of Honor
LARGE TYPE Fiction GRAZER, G.L. Grazer, Gigi Levangie The After Wife
SF/F GREEN, S.R. Green, Simon R. From a Drood to a Kill
Fiction GREGORY, P. Gregory, Philippa The Taming of the Queen
Mystery HILARY, S. Hilary, Sarah No Other Darkness
Fiction HOOD, J. Hood, Joshua Clear by Fire
SF/F HOUGH, J.M. Hough, Jason M. Zero World
Fiction HOWARD, L. Howard, Linda Against the Rules
Fiction JAMES, J. James, Jessica Meant to Be
Fiction JOHNSON, A. Johnson, Adam Fortune Smiles
Fiction JOHNSTONE, W.W. Johnstone, William W. This Violent Land
Fiction JURADO, J.G. Jurado, Juan Gomez Point of Balance
LARGE TYPE Fiction KELLERMAN, J. Kellerman, Jonathan The Murderer's Daughter
LARGE TYPE Fiction LESTER, A.J. LESTER, Alison Jean Lillian On Life
Teen Fiction LEVEEN, T. Leveen, Tom Shackled
SF/F LIU, C. Liu, Cixin The Dark Forest
Fiction LOVELACE, S. Lovelace, Sharla Loving the Chase
Graphic Novel LUCE Luce, Ed Wuvable Oaf
Fiction LUTZ, J. Lutz, John Slaughter
Fiction LYNDS, G. Lynds, Gayle The Assassins
LARGE TYPE Fiction MARTIN, C. Martin, Charles Water from My Heart
Fiction MAUPASSANT, G. Maupassant, Guy de The Necklace
Fiction MCWARREN, M. McWarren, Mila The Luckiest
LARGE TYPE Fiction MELTZER, B. Meltzer, Brad The President's Shadow
Fiction MICHAELS, F. Michaels, Fern Point Blank
LARGE TYPE Fiction MOORE, L. Moore, Liz Heft
Fiction MOORE, M.M. Moore, Meg Mitchell The Admissions
Fiction MOSHFEGH, O. Moshfegh, Ottessa Eileen
Teen Fiction MOSKOWITZ, H. Moskowitz, Hannah A History of Glitter and Blood
LARGE TYPE Fiction O'NAN, S. O'Nan, Stewart West of Sunset
Fiction OSTLUNDH, H. Ostlundh, Hakan The Intruder
Mystery PEACOCK, C. Peacock, Caro Friends in High Places
Mystery PENNY, L. Penny, Louise The Nature of the Beast
Mystery PINTOFF, S. Pintoff, Stefanie Hostage Taker
Fiction ROBARDS, K. Robards, Karen The Last Time I Saw Her
LARGE TYPE Fiction ROBERTS, N. Roberts, Nora The Liar
Mystery ROBINSON, P. Robinson, Peter In the Dark Places
Mystery SIMON, C. Simon, Clea Code Grey
Fiction STROUD, C. Stroud, Carsten The Reckoning
Mystery SYKEN, B. Syken, Bill Hangman's Game
Fiction TIJAN Tijan Sustain
Fiction WEBER, C. Weber, Carl Grand Opening
Fiction WIGGS, S. Wiggs, Susan Starlight on Willow Lake
LARGE TYPE Fiction WILSON, S. Wilson, Susan The Dog Who Saved Me
Fiction WOODS, S. Woods, Sherryl The Calamity Janes, Lauren