New Fiction

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Fiction AYCLIFFE, J. Aycliffe, Jonathan, The silence of ghosts 
Fiction BAMBOLA, S. Bambola, Sylvia, The salt covenants 
SF/F BARKER, C. Barker, Clive, Tortured souls 
Fiction BAUMANN, T. Baumann, Tamra, It had to be him 
LARGE TYPE Fiction BERRY, S. Berry, Steve, The patriot threat 
SF/F BRENNAN, M. Brennan, Marie, Voyage of the Basilisk 
SF/F BRETT, P.V. Brett, Peter V., The skull throne 
Teen Fiction BREWER, H. Brewer, Heather, The cemetery boys 
Fiction BROWNE, S.G. Browne, S. G. Less than hero 
Fiction CAMERON, G. Cameron, Graeme, Normal 
Mystery CAMILLERI, A. Camilleri, Andrea. Game of mirrors 
Fiction CARTER, M. Carter, Miranda, The strangler vine 
Fiction CASTILLE, S. Castille, Sarah. Full contact 
Fiction CHASE, B. Chase, Bethany. The one that got away 
Mystery CLEELAND, A. Cleeland, Anne. Murder in Hindsight 
Mystery CLEMENT, B. Clement, Blaize. The cat sitter's whiskers 
LARGE TYPE Fiction COBEN, H. Coben, Harlan, The stranger 
Fiction COLEMAN, R. Coleman, Rowan, The day we met 
Fiction COLGAN, J. Colgan, Jenny, Little Beach Street Bakery 
Fiction CROWNOVER, J. Crownover, Jay. Better when he's bold 
LARGE TYPE Fiction DE LOS SANTOS, M. De los Santos, Marisa, The precious one 
Fiction DOWNING, M. Downing, Michael, The chapel 
Mystery DYER-SEELEY, K. Dyer-Seeley, Kate. Slayed on the slopes 
LARGE TYPE Fiction FIELDING, J. Fielding, Joy. Someone is watching 
Fiction FOSTER, L. Foster, Lori, Holding strong 
Fiction FULLER, K. Fuller, Kathleen, A faith of her own 
Mystery GAUS, P.L. Gaus, Paul L. Whiskers of the lion 
Mystery GAZAN, S.J. Gazan, Sissel-Jo, The arc of the swallow 
Fiction GRAHAM, H. Graham, Heather, The dead play on 
Mystery HAYNES, E. Haynes, Elizabeth, Behind closed doors 
Fiction HUNTER, A. Hunter, Aislinn, The world before us 
Fiction KELLS, C. Kells, Claire, Girl underwater 
Mystery KELLY, S. Kelly, Stephen The language of the dead 
Fiction KIEFER, C. Kiefer, Christian, The animals 
LARGE TYPE Fiction KINGSBURY, K. Kingsbury, Karen Chasing sunsets
LARGE TYPE Fiction LARSON, E. Larson, Erik, Dead wake 
Graphic Novel LAYMAN, J. Layman, John, Chew.
Mystery LEBOW, L. Lebow, Laura. The Figaro Murders 
Fiction LEE, A. Lee, Ashton, The Wedding Circle 
Mystery LEON, D. Leon, Donna, Falling in love 
Fiction LLITERAS, D.S. Lliteras, D. S., VietMan 
Teen Fiction LORD, E. Lord, Emery, The start of me and you 
Mystery McKEVETT, G.A. McKevett, G. A., Killer gourmet 
Fiction NGUYEN, V.T. Nguyen, Viet Thanh, The sympathizer 
Graphic Novel OBATA, F. Obata, Fumio, Just so happens 
Teen Fiction OH, E. Oh, Ellen, King 
Mystery OLDHAM, N. Oldham, Nick, Edge 
Fiction O'NEILL, E. O'Neill, Ellie, Reluctantly charmed 
Mystery ORGAIN, D. Orgain, Diana, A first date with death 
Teen Fiction OSEMAN, A. Oseman, Alice, Solitaire 
Fiction PALMER, L.J. Palmer, Lindsey J., If we lived here 
Graphic Novel BATMAN Palmiotti, Jimmy, Batwing.
Mystery PANDIAN, G. Pandian, Gigi, Quicksand 
Fiction PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James, Miracle at Augusta 
LARGE TYPE Fiction PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James, NYPD red 3 
Mystery PEARCE, M. Pearce, Michael, The mouth of the crocodile 
Mystery PERRY, A. Perry, Anne. The angel court affair 
LARGE TYPE Mystery PERRY, A. Perry, Anne. The angel court affair 
Mystery PERRY, C.J. Perry, Carol J. Tails, you lose 
SF/F PHILIP, G. Philip, Gillian, Icefall 
Mystery PHILLIPS, L. Phillips, Louise Red ribbons 
Mystery REDFERN, J. Redfern, Jon, Children of the tide 
Mystery RIGGS, C. Riggs, Cynthia. Poison ivy 
Fiction RUBIN, J. Rubin, Jacob, The poser 
Fiction SALA, S. Sala, Sharon, Wild hearts 
Fiction SCOTT, J.S. Scott, J. S. No ordinary billionaire 
Fiction SHAFAK, E. Shafak, Elif, The architect's apprentice 
Fiction SHEARIN, L. Shearin, Lisa, The dragon conspiracy 
Fiction SHEMILT, J. Shemilt, Jane, The daughter 
Fiction SMALE, A. Smale, Alan Clash of eagles 
Fiction SMITH, A. Smith, Annabel, Whiskey & Charlie 
Fiction SMITH, J.E. Smith, Jill Eileen, The crimson cord 
Fiction THOMAS, D.C. Thomas, Diane C. In wilderness 
SF/F TIDHAR, L. Tidhar, Lavie, The Violent Century 
Fiction TREADWAY, J. Treadway, Jessica, Lacy eye 
Fiction WARD, J.R. Ward, J. R., The shadows 
Fiction WELLS, J. Wells, Jaye. Deadly spells 
Fiction WHITING, F. Whiting, Frances. Walking on Trampolines 
LARGE TYPE Mystery WINSPEAR, J. Winspear, Jacqueline, A dangerous place 
Fiction YGLESIAS, R. Yglesias, Rafael, The wisdom of perversity 
Fiction ZANETTI, R. Zanetti, Rebecca. Total surrender 
Teen Fiction SHORT STORIES LOVE   Love & profanity