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Fiction ADLER-OLSEN, J. Adler-Olsen, Jussi, The alphabet house 
Teen Fiction ALLOWAY, K. Alloway, Kit, Dreamfire 
Fiction ALTEN, S. Alten, Steve. Vostok 
LARGE TYPE Fiction ATWOOD, M. Atwood, Margaret, Stone mattress 
Fiction BECKSTRAND, J. Beckstrand, Jennifer, Huckleberry spring 
Mystery BILAL, P. Bilal, Parker, The burning gates 
Fiction BLAKE, J.C. Blake, James Carlos, The House of Wolfe 
Fiction BRENDAN, M. Brendan, Maggie, The trouble with Patience 
Fiction BUCHMAN, M.L. Buchman, M. L. Bring on the dusk 
Fiction CAMERON, M. Cameron, Marc. Day zero 
Fiction CAMPBELL, R. Campbell, Rick Empire rising 
Teen Fiction CARMAN, P. Carman, Patrick, Quake 
Teen Fiction CASTELLUCCI, C. Castellucci, Cecil, Stone in the sky 
Fiction CHIAVERINI, J. Chiaverini, Jennifer, Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule 
Fiction CLARK, M.S. Clark, Mindy Starns, The Amish clockmaker 
SF/F CONNOLLY, J. Connolly, John, Empire 
Fiction DELBANCO, N. Delbanco, Nicholas, The years 
Teen Fiction EMERSON, K. Emerson, Kevin, Breakout 
Fiction FABRE, D. Fabre, Dominique, Guys like me 
Teen Fiction FALKNER, B. Falkner, Brian. Ice war 
Mystery FLANDERS, J. Flanders, Judith, A murder of magpies 
Teen Fiction FORD, J.C. Ford, John C. The cipher 
Fiction FRANKLIN, A. Franklin, Ariana, The siege winter 
Mystery GREGSON, J.M. Gregson, J. M., A necessary end 
Mystery HARRIS, G. Harris, Gregory. The Connicle curse 
Mystery HARRISON, C. Harrison, Cora, Condemned to death 
Fiction HAUCK, R. Hauck, Rachel, How to catch a prince 
Fiction ISHIGURO Ishiguro, Kazuo, The buried giant 
Teen Fiction JORDAN, S. Jordan, Sophie, Unleashed 
Fiction JOYCE, R. Joyce, Rachel. The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy 
Teen Fiction KHOURY, J. Khoury, Jessica, Kalahari 
Graphic Novel KNISLEY Knisley, Lucy, Displacement 
Fiction LAMBDIN, D. Lambdin, Dewey, Kings and emperors 
LARGE TYPE Fiction LANDIS, J.M. Landis, Jill Marie. Glass beach 
Teen Fiction LARBALESTIER, J. Larbalestier, Justine, Razorhurst 
Fiction LARSEN, R. Larsen, Reif. I am Radar 
Fiction LINK, K. Link, Kelly, Get in trouble 
Mystery LIPPMAN, L. Lippman, Laura, Hush, hush 
Fiction MASON, J. Mason, Jamie, Monday's lie 
Fiction McBETH, C. McBeth, Colette, The life I left behind 
Teen Fiction McCARTHY, C. McCarthy, Cori. Breaking sky 
Teen Fiction McCOY, M. McCoy, Mary, Dead to me 
Mystery McHUGH, M. McHugh, Mary, Flamenco, flan, and fatalities 
Mystery McLEAN, R.D. McLean, Russel D., Cry uncle 
Fiction MEISSNER, S. Meissner, Susan, Secrets of a charmed life 
Fiction MEISTER, E. Meister, Ellen. Dorothy Parker drank here 
Graphic Novel SUPERGIRL Nelson, Michael Alan. Supergirl.
Fiction NICHOLSON, W. Nicholson, William, Amherst 
Fiction OKSANEN, S. Oksanen, Sofi, When the doves disappeared 
Teen Fiction OMOLOLU, C.J. Omololu, Cynthia Jaynes, The third twin 
Fiction PIMENTEL, M. Pimentel, Melissa, Love by the book 
Fiction PROBY, K. Proby, Kristen. Forever with me 
Fiction REARDON, B. Reardon, Bryan, Finding Jake 
Fiction RHOADES, J.D. Rhoades, J. D., Devils and dust 
Fiction RIORDAN, K. Riordan, Kate, Fiercombe Manor 
Mystery ROYAL, P. Royal, Priscilla. Satan's Lullaby 
Mystery RYAN, A. Ryan, Annelise, Stiff penalty 
Teen Fiction SALISBURY, M. Salisbury, Melinda, The Sin Eater's daughter 
Fiction SCHICKEL, K. Schickel, Katie, Housewitch 
SF/F SCHWAB, V. Schwab, Victoria, A darker shade of magic 
Fiction SEYMOUR, G. Seymour, Gerald, The outsiders 
Teen Fiction SMITH, C.L. Smith, Cynthia Leitich, Feral pride 
Fiction SPINDLER, E. Spindler, Erica, The first wife 
Graphic Novel X-MEN Spurrier, Simon, X-Force.
Teen Fiction STIRLING, T. Stirling, Tricia, When my heart was wicked 
Teen Fiction SULLIVAN, D.E. Sullivan, Derek E., Biggie 
Fiction SWIERCZYNSKI, D. Swierczynski, Duane, Canary 
Manga TAKAHIRO Takahiro, Akame ga kill!.
Teen Fiction TOMP, S.W. Tomp, Sarah Wones, My best everything 
Fiction VANN, D. Vann, David, Aquarium 
LARGE TYPE Fiction WEIR, A. Weir, Alison, The marriage game 
LARGE TYPE Fiction WIGGS, S. Wiggs, Susan. The maiden of Ireland 
Fiction WOLFF, I. Wolff, Isabel, Shadows over paradise 
Fiction YAN, L. Yan, Lianke, The four books 
Fiction YOERG, S.I. Yoerg, Sonja Ingrid, House broken