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Graphic Novel 940.3 ABO   Above the dreamless dead 
Mystery AIRTH, R. Airth, Rennie, The reckoning 
Fiction AUSTIN, T.L. Austin, Terri L. His every need 
Fiction BARREAU, N. Barreau, Nicolas One evening in Paris
Fiction BEHA, C. Beha, Christopher, Arts & entertainments 
Fiction BELSKY, R. Belsky, Richard. The Kennedy connection 
Fiction BRAY, C. Bray, Carys, A Song for Issy Bradley 
Fiction CAIN, C. Cain, Chelsea. One Kick 
Fiction CAMDEN, E. Camden, Elizabeth, With every breath 
Fiction CAMPBELL, D. Campbell, Drusilla. In doubt 
Fiction CAO, L. Cao, Lan, The lotus and the storm 
Mystery CHA, S. Cha, Steph. Beware, beware 
Mystery CHALLINOR, C.S. Challinor, C. S. Murder at midnight 
Fiction CHOLEWA, K.M. Cholewa, K. M., Shaking out the dead 
Fiction CLARE, P. Clare, Pamela, Striking distance 
Fiction COELHO, P. Coelho, Paulo, Adultery 
Fiction COOK, T.H. Cook, Thomas H. A dancer in the dust 
Fiction COOKE, E. Cooke, Elizabeth, The wild dark flowers 
Fiction CORLEONE, D. Corleone, Douglas. Payoff 
Fiction CREECH, S. Creech, Sarah. Season of the dragonflies 
Fiction DAINTY, S. Dainty, Suellen. After everything 
Fiction DALY, P. Daly, Paula. Keep your friends close 
Fiction DAVIES, L. Davies, Linda, Ark storm 
Fiction DE CASTELL, S. De Castell, Sebastien, Traitor's blade 
Fiction DRVENKAR, Z. Drvenkar, Zoran, You 
Mystery FLORIO, J. Florio, John, Blind Moon Alley 
Mystery FOSSUM, K. Fossum, Karin, I can see in the dark 
Fiction FRANCIS, J.P. Francis, J. P., The major's daughter 
Fiction FROMM, P. Fromm, Pete If not for this
Fiction GREY, Z. Grey, Zane The last of the plainsmen
Teen Fiction GRIFFIN, A. Griffin, Adele, The unfinished life of Addison Stone 
Fiction HAJAJ, C. Hajaj, Claire, Ishmael's oranges 
Fiction HARVEY, J.N. Harvey, James Neal. The big hit 
Fiction HAYNES, D. Haynes, Dana. Gun metal heart 
SF/F HERBERT, B. Herbert, Brian. Hellhole 
SF/F HOARE, A.   Warriors of the Imperium.
Teen Fiction HOPKINS, E. Hopkins, Ellen. Rumble 
Fiction HURWITZ, G.A. Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew. Don't look back 
Fiction HUSSEY, E. Hussey, Elaine, The oleander sisters 
Fiction JONES, L.R. Jones, Lisa Renee. No in between 
Fiction KNAUSGAARD, K.O. Knausgaard, Karl Ove, My struggle.
SF/F KRINARD, S. Krinard, Susan. Black ice 
Mystery LARSSON, A. Larsson, Asa The second deadly sin 
Fiction MALIK, T. Malik, Tania, Three bargains 
Fiction McCALL SMITH, A. McCall Smith, Alexander, Sunshine on Scotland Street 
Mystery McLEAN, R.D. McLean, Russel D., Mothers of the disappeared 
Fiction MEADE, G. Meade, Glenn, The last witness 
Fiction MINATO, K. Minato, Kanae Confessions
Graphic Novel MORVAN Morvan, J. D., Naja 
Fiction NAHM, D.C. Nahm, David Connerley, Ancient oceans of central Kentucky 
Fiction O'DELL, T. O'Dell, Tawni, One of us 
Fiction PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James, Private down under 
Mystery PENNY, L. Penny, Louise. The long way home 
Fiction PHILLIPS, S.E. Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, Heroes are my weakness 
Fiction REDFIELD, J. Redfield, James. The tenth insight 
Fiction RIDPATH, M. Ridpath, Michael Sea of stone
Fiction RIMINGTON, S. Rimington, Stella, Close call 
Fiction ROBARDS, K. Robards, Karen. Her last whisper 
Fiction ROSS, A.B. Ross, Ann B., Etta Mae's worst bad-luck day 
SF/F SAINTCROW, L. Saintcrow, Lilith, The ripper affair 
Fiction SCHMIDT, A. Schmidt, Anna, Safe haven 
Fiction SCHUMACHER, J. Schumacher, Julie, Dear Committee Members 
Fiction SMITH, D. Smith, Dan, Red winter 
Fiction SOHN, A. Sohn, Amy, The actress 
Teen Fiction STRICKLAND, A. Strickland, Adrianne, Wordless 
Fiction SWARUP, V. Swarup, Vikas. The accidental apprentice 
Fiction TANENBAUM, R. Tanenbaum, Robert, Fatal conceit 
Fiction THOMAS, M. Thomas, Matthew, We are not ourselves 
Fiction UMRIGAR, T.N. Umrigar, Thrity N. The story hour 
Fiction VREELAND, S. Vreeland, Susan. Lisette's list 
SF/F STAR WARS Wallace, Daniel, The bounty hunter code 
Fiction WARREN, S.M. Warren, Susan May, When I fall in love 
Fiction WEBER, C. Weber, Carl, The choir director 2 
Fiction WHITE, R.W. White, Randy Wayne. Haunted 
Fiction WILD, M. Wild, Meredith, Hardpressed 
Fiction WILLETT, M. Willett, Marcia, The sea garden 
Fiction WILLIG, L. Willig, Lauren The mark of the midnight manzanilla
Fiction WOLFE, E.J. Wolfe, Ethan J. The last ride 
Fiction YOUNG, N. Young, Natalie Season to taste 
Teen Fiction YOVANOFF, B. Yovanoff, Brenna. Fiendish