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SF/F ABERCROMBIE, J. Abercrombie, Joe. Half a king 
Mystery AMBROSE, T. Ambrose, Terry, Con game 
Mystery AMBROSE, T. Ambrose, Terry, License to lie
Fiction ANDERSEN, L. Andersen, Laura, The Boleyn reckoning 
Fiction ARATON, H. Araton, Harvey. Cold type 
SF/F ARTHUR, K. Arthur, Keri. Fireborn 
Fiction BACKMAN, F. Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove 
Mystery BAIN, D. Bain, Donald, Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic murder 
Mystery BEAUMONT, M. Beaumont, Maegan, Sacrificial muse 
Fiction BLACK, R. Black, Robin Life drawing 
Fiction BOYD, H. Boyd, Hilary. Tangled lives 
Teen Fiction BREZENOFF, S. Brezenoff, Steven, Guy in real life 
Fiction BURKE, J.L. Burke, James Lee, Wayfaring stranger 
SF/F FORGOTTEN REALMS Byers, Richard Lee. The Reaver 
Fiction CARVER, T. Carver, Tania. Cage of bones 
Fiction CHADWICK, E. Chadwick, Elizabeth, The Summer Queen 
Fiction CHAN, D. Chan, Darcie. The Mill River recluse 
Fiction CHASE, E. Chase, Emma. Tamed 
Fiction CHESHIRE, S. Cheshire, Scott, High as the horses' bridles 
Mystery CLEMENT, B. Clement, Blaize. The cat sitter's nine lives 
Fiction COLUCCI, A.J. Colucci, A. J. Seeders 
Fiction DAVIDSON, C. Davidson, Craig, Cataract city 
Mystery DAVIS, L. Davis, Lindsey, Enemies at home 
Teen Fiction DERISO, C. Deriso, Christine Hurley, Thirty sunsets 
Mystery DOIRON, P. Doiron, Paul. The bone orchard 
Fiction EVANOVICH, S. Evanovich, Stephanie. The sweet spot 
Mystery GARRETT, A.D. Garrett, A. D., Everyone lies 
SF/F GALDSTONE, M. Gladstone, Max. Full fathom five 
Fiction GOLEMAN, D.L. Golemon, David Lynn. Overlord 
Fiction GOULD, E. Gould, Emily. Friendship 
Mystery HAAS, W. Haas, Wolf. Come, sweet death! 
Mystery HALLINAN, T. Hallinan, Timothy. Herbie's game 
Teen Fiction HARRIS, C. Harris, Carrie, Demon derby 
Fiction HARRISON, W. Harrison, Wayne The spark and the drive 
Fiction HILLIER, J. Hillier, Jennifer. The butcher 
Mystery HOCKENSMITH, S. Hockensmith, Steve, The White Magic Five and Dime 
Fiction HOWEY, H. Howey, Hugh, Dust 
Fiction HYDE, C.R. Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Take me with you 
Mystery JANCE, J.A. Jance, Judith A. Remains of innocence 
Fiction LACEY, C. Lacey, Catherine, Nobody is ever missing 
SF/F STAR TREK Lang, Jeffrey, The light fantastic 
Teen Fiction LEAVITT, L. Leavitt, Lindsey. The chapel wars 
Teen Fiction LLOYD-JONES, E. Lloyd-Jones, Emily. Illusive 
Fiction LOWRY, D. Lowry, Dave, Chinese cooking for diamond thieves 
Fiction MAKKAI, R. Makkai, Rebecca. The hundred-year house 
Fiction MUIR, S. Muir, Sharona, Invisible beasts 
Teen Fiction PAIGE, D.M. Paige, D. M., Dorothy must die 
Teen Fiction PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James, Homeroom diaries 
Teen Fiction PIKE, A. Pike, Aprilynne, Earthquake 
Fiction RASMUSSEN, R. Rasmussen, Rebecca. Evergreen 
Teen Fiction SITOMER, A.L. Sitomer, Alan Lawrence, Caged warrior 
Fiction STEEL, D. Steel, Danielle. A perfect life 
Teen Fiction STOKES, P. Stokes, Paula. The art of Lainey 
SF/F STROSS, C. Stross, Charles. Neptune's brood 
Teen Fiction SUN Sun, Amanda, Rain 
Teen Fiction SUTTON, K. Sutton, Kelsey. Where silence gathers 
SF/F WINTERS, B. Winters, Ben H. World of trouble 
Fiction YANIQUE, T. Yanique, Tiphanie. Land of love and drowning 
Teen Fiction ZADOFF, A. Zadoff, Allen, I am the weapon 
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