New Nonfiction


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005.133 KIVY Creating apps in Kivy  Phillips, Dusty.
005.2762 JAVASCRIPT Functional JavaScript  Fogus, Michael.
005.72 JOOMLA Using Joomla : efficiently build and manage custom websites  Severdia, Ron,
133.892 SHU The power of auras : tap into your energy field for clarity, peace of mind, and well-being  Shumsky, Susan G.
153.44 WRI First intelligence : using the science & spirit of intuition  Wright, Simone,
155.91 NIC Blue mind : the surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do  Nichols, Wallace J.,
305.26 BLA Getting older better : the best advice ever on money, health, creativity, sex, work, retirement, and more  Blair, Pamela D.
305.55 BRY How the poor can save capitalism : rebuilding the path to the middle class  Bryant, John,
324.78 VOG Big money : 2.5 billion dollars, one suspicious vehicle, and a pimp :  on the trail of the ultra-rich hijacking American politics  Vogel, Kenneth P.,
332.4 FOR Money : how the destruction of the dollar threatens the global economy--and what we can do about it  Forbes, Steve,
333.95 HOR War of the whales : a true story  Horwitz, Joshua,
338.76213 MAL The Intel trinity : how Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove built the world's most important company  Malone, Michael S.
339 ROC Pragmatic capitalism : what every investor needs to know about money and finance  Roche, Cullen.
342.73 TRI Uncertain justice : the Roberts Court and the Constitution  Tribe, Laurence H.,
359.96 LHE Inside Marine One : four U.S. Presidents, one proud Marine, and the world's most amazing helicopter  L'Heureux, Ray,
363.124 GON Flight 232 : a story of disaster and survival  Gonzales, Laurence,
363.325 TIM Dark forces : the truth about what happened in Benghazi  Timmerman, Kenneth R.,
364.1523 EVA The Valentino affair : the Jazz Age murder scandal that shocked New York society and gripped the world  Evans, Colin,
365.6 MOR Getting life : an innocent man's 25-year journey from prison to peace  Morton, Michael,
372.4 BOO Born reading : bringing up bookworms in a digital age--from picture books to ebooks and everything in between  Boog, Jason.
378.198 BON 77 things you absolutely have to do before you finish college Bondy, Halley
378.198 MOR Undecided :navigating life and learning after high school Morgan, Genevieve
500 SCI The science book   
599.67 BRA Last chain on Billie : how one extraordinary elephant escaped the big top  Bradley, Carol,
613.283 WIL I quit sugar :  your complete 8-week detox program and cookbook Wilson, Sarah
613.7046 GRA The yoga of food : wellness from the inside out :  healing the relationship with food & your body  Grabau, Melissa.
613.718 ASH The student's anatomy of stretching manual  Ashwell, Ken W. S.,
613.9 FIS The new naked : the ultimate sex education for grown-ups  Fisch, Harry,
614.5262 ALL The fantastic laboratory of Dr. Weigl : how two brave scientists battled typhus and sabotaged the Nazis  Allen, Arthur,
616.342 CAT IBS : free at last! : change your carbs, change your life with the FODMAP elimination diet Catsos, Patsy
616.89 BUR Our necessary shadow : the nature and meaning of psychiatry  Burns, Tom,
635.932 KIN Gardening with perennials : lessons from Chicago's Lurie Garden  Kingsbury, Noel,
635.986 MCG Saving container plants : overwintering techniques for keeping tender plants alive year after year  McGowan, Alice.
636.7 DEN Travels with Casey  Denizet-Lewis, Benoit.
746.432 CHR New American knits : classic sportswear patterns  Christoffers, Amy.
746.46 NIC Fabulous feathers & fillers : design & machine quilting techniques  Nickels, Sue,
751.4 PIY Just paint it!  Piyasena, Sam,
759.5 MIC Michelangelo : a life in six masterpieces  Unger, Miles.
781.6 STA Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! : the story of pop music from Bill Haley to Beyonce Stanley, Bob,
915.1 ELM The Emperor far away : travels at the edge of China  Eimer, David,
929.1 BEI The Family tree German genealogy guide : how to trace your germanic ancestry in Europe  Beidler, James M.
929.1 HIT Sustainable genealogy : separating fact from fiction in family legends  Hite, Richard W.
940.548673 DUF Double agent : the first hero of World War II and how the FBI outwitted and destroyed a Nazi spy ring  Duffy, Peter,
944.04 FUR When the United States spoke French : five refugees who shaped a nation  Furstenberg, Francois.
951.06 OSN Age of ambition : chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China Osnos, Evan
973.924 DEA The Nixon defense : what he knew and when he knew it  Dean, John W.
973.924 NIX The Nixon tapes   
973.932 FUN Obama's enforcer : Eric Holder's Justice Department  Fund, John,
Biography BINCHY, M. Maeve Binchy : the biography  Dudgeon, Piers.
Biography McGUIRE, J. Grand crossing : coming of age on Chicago's South Side during the depression : an Irish-American memoir McGuire, Jack
Biography RUBINSTEIN, H. Helena Rubinstein : the woman who invented beauty  Fitoussi, Michele
Biography STUART, S.P. Perfectly miserable :guilt, God and real estate in a small town Stuart, Sarah Payne
Biography TOMLINSON, C. Tomlinson Hill : the remarkable story of two families who share the Tomlinson name--one white, one black  Tomlinson, Chris.
Essays WILSEY, S. More curious  Wilsey, Sean.