New Nonfiction

Our newest books are now being added to the first floor lobby shelves on a daily basis. Come take a look!

128.2 DEN From bacteria to Bach and back : the evolution of minds / Daniel C. Dennett.
152.1 PUR The sensational past : how the Enlightenment changed the way we use our senses / Carolyn Purnell.
155.9 WIL The nature fix : why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative / Florence Williams.
242.34 DAM The good of giving up : discovering the freedom of Lent / Aaron Damiani.
297.2 AKY The Islamic Jesus : how the King of the Jews became a prophet of the Muslims / Mustafa Akyol.
306.734 SOL Loving bravely : 20 lessons of self-discovery to help you get the love you want / Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD.
306.872 FRA The wait : a powerful practice to finding the love of your life and the life you love / DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good with Tim Vandehey.
332.63243 LEN Flipping houses / by Tim W. Lenihan and Patricia Burkhart Smith.
338.04 GAL The Airbnb story : how three ordinary guys disrupted an industry, made billions... and created plenty of controversy / Leigh Gallagher.
342.73 TUS Free speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the first amendment / Mark V. Tushnet, Alan K. Chen, and Joseph Blocher.
355.02 ARM Civil wars : a history in ideas / David Armitage.
500 BRO Know this : today's most interesting and important scientific ideas, discoveries, and developments / edited by John Brockman.
523.1 MER A big bang in a little room : the quest to create new universes / Zeeya Merali.
576.8 MAR The evolution underground : burrows, bunkers, and the marvelous subterranean world beneath our feet / Anthony J. Martin.
616.45 ROM The adrenal thyroid revolution : a proven 4-week program to rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind & mood / Aviva Romm, M.D.
616.8527 MER This close to happy : a reckoning with depression / Daphne Merkin.
616.86 LEM Drug dealer, MD : how doctors were duped, patients got hooked, and why it's so hard to stop / Anna Lembke, MD.
618.4 VON Situation momedy : a first-time mom's guide to laughing your way through pregnancy & year one / Jenna Von Oy.
635.965 EVE Evergreen : living with plants.
641.252 BAL Pure heart : a spirited tale of grace, grit, and whiskey / Troylyn Ball with Bret Witter.
641.5631 KAT The cancer-fighting kitchen : nourishing, big-flavor recipes for cancer treatment and recovery / Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson ; photography, Leo Gong.
641.5636 BRI Naturally nourished : healthy, delicious meals made with everyday ingredients / Sarah Britton.
641.59 STR Princess Pamela's soul food cookbook : a mouth-watering treasury of Afro-American recipes ; the beloved classic now back in print after 45 years / Pamela Strobel ; introduction by Matt Lee and Ted Lee.
641.591822 PSI Live to eat : cooking the Mediterranean way / Michael Psilakis with Kathleen Hackett ; photography and design Hirscheimer & Hamilton.
641.71 MCM Sheet pan cooking : delicious recipes for hands-off meals / Kate McMillan ; photography by Ray Kachatorian.
641.86 LAN Sweet & simple : dessert for two / Christina Lane.
641.875 SMI Green smoothies for life / J.J. Smith.
649.1 PAL The reflective parent : how to do less and relate more with your kids / Regina Pally.
649.123 JAN The toddler brain : nurture the skills today that will shape your child's tomorrow : the surprising science behind your child's development from birth to age 5 / Laura A. Jana, MD.
649.3 MUT The picky eater project : 6 weeks to happier, healthier family mealtimes / Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RDN, FAAP, and Sally Sampson, Founder, ChopChop Kids..
650.1082 SAC Fearless and free : how smart women pivot and relaunch their careers / by Wendy Sachs.
658.1141 GLA Crafter's market : the DIY resource for creating a successful and profitable craft business / edited by Abby Glassenberg and Maya Elson.
658.4022 SHA Extreme teams : why Pixar, Netflix, AirBnB, and other cutting-edge companies succeed where most fail / by Robert Bruce Shaw.
658.403 CAB The net and the butterfly : the art and practice of breakthrough thinking / Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Pollack.
746.432 FAL Pretty knitted hands : mittens & wrist warmers for all seasons / Clara Falk, Kamilla Svanlund.
747 FOU A touch of farmhouse charm : easy DIY projects to add a warm and rustic feel to any room / Liz Fourez, creator of Love Grows Wild.
781.11 FAL Bad singer : the surprising science of tone deafness and how we hear music / Tim Falconer.
781.64 SIB Studio Grace : the making of a record / Eric Siblin.
796.357 SHA Bloomer girls : women baseball pioneers / Debra A. Shattuck.
920.72 POR Rejected princesses : tales of history's boldest heroines, hellions, and heretics / Jason Porath.
930.1 KEL The memory code : the secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and other ancient monuments / Dr. Lynne Kelly.
940.5318 HAY Why? : explaining the Holocaust / Peter Hayes.
940.544973 WIL Blood and fears : how America's bomber boys of the 8th air force saved World War II / Kevin Wilson.
942.05 GOO How to be a Tudor : a dawn-to-dusk guide to Tudor life / Ruth Goodman.
943.086 WHI Hitler's American model : the United States and the making of Nazi race law / James Q. Whitman.
947.08 RAP Caught in the revolution : Petrograd, Russia, 1917--a world on the edge / Helen Rappaport.
958.1047 ZOR The chosen few : a company of paratroopers and its heroic struggle to survive in the mountains of Afghanistan / Gregg Zoroya.
973.927 GRA The president will see you now : my stories and lessons from Ronald Reagan's final years / Peggy Grande.
973.933 HOR Big agenda : President Trump's plan to save America / David Horowitz.
977.356 MAN Springfield / Curtis Mann and Melinda Garvert.
BIOGRAPHY BISHOP, E. Elizabeth Bishop : a miracle for breakfast / Megan Marshall.
BIOGRAPHY FARNSWORTH, E. Train through time : a life, real and imagined / Elizabeth Farnsworth; with photo art by Mark Serr.
BIOGRAPHY HAYES, B. Insomniac City : New York, Oliver, and me / Bill Hayes.
BIOGRAPHY PETRUSHEVSKAYA, L. The girl from the Metropol Hotel : growing up in communist Russia / Ludmilla Petrushevskaya ; translated with an introduction by Anna Summers.
BIOGRAPHY WEIHENMAYER, E. No barriers : a blind man's journey to kayak the Grand Canyon / Erik Weihenmayer and Buddy Levy.
HUMOR GLANTZ, J. Always a bridesmaid (for hire) : stories on growing up, looking for love, and walking down the aisle for complete strangers / Jen Glantz.
LARGE TYPE 305.562 VAN Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis / by J.D. Vance.
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY JUDD, N. River of time : my descent into depression and how I emerged with hope / Naomi Judd, with Marcia Wilkie.
TEEN 371.822 STO Girl rising : changing the world one girl at a time / by Tanya Lee Stone.