New in Music

CD Blues MUDD KING Muddy Waters King of Chicago blues
CD Concertos ELGA-E VIOLIN Elgar, Edward Violin concerto ; The spirit of England
CD Concertos KORC-L MISTER Korcia, Laurent Mister Paganini
CD ELectronic HOW WHAT How to Dress Well What is this heart?
CD Folk GOSP HOLD The Gospel Whiskey Runners Hold on
CD Jazz TEDR RHAPSODY Gershwin, George Rhapsody in Gershwin
CD Pop FIVE FIVE 5 Seconds of Summer 5 Seconds of Summer.
CD Pop MCCA-J IN McCartney, Jesse In technicolor 
CD Rap/Hip-Hop COMM NOBODY Common Nobody smiling
CD Rock FUTU SINGLES Future Islands Singles 
CD Rock LARO TROUBLE La Roux Trouble in paradise 
CD Rock PUSS NO Puss n Boots No fools, no fun
CD Rock ROLL GOATS Rolling Stones Goats head soup
CD Rock VERU RESOLVER Veruca Salt Resolver