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DGLibrary Minecraft Server Rules:

  1. NO HARASSMENT!  (Threatening language or actions, racism and sexual remarks are grounds for immediate banning)  
  2. No cursing
  3. No griefing (Breaking things other people have built)
  4. No spamming (This includes asking admins for things after they already have said no)
  5. No mods/hacks
  6. Mods and Admins’ words and decisions are final, and can be treated as rules


  1. Be Respectful!
  2. It’s always harassment if the other person thinks it is. We don’t accept “I was only joking” or “I didn’t mean it that way” as excuses, so be very careful about what you say before you say it.
  3. The Mods don’t have the power to give you items, flight, teleport you, or put you in creative mode. Don’t bother asking.
  4. All ages and walks of life use the server, so be respectful and understanding of that!
  5. The game is way more fun when players work together to create things. A lot more fun than just getting it from an admin.
  6. If you notice somebody doing something wrong, or harassing another player, feel free to /msg the admins or mods, or email us at MCMods@dglibrary.org

And always, come visit the library! We have books on Minecraft! :-)


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