Renovation FAQ

Updated June 3, 2014

Q.  What’s the latest news on the library’s building renovation project?
A. Construction is underway. For continuous updates via email, subscribe to the reNews Newsletter. See a look at the colors and materials recently approved by the Library Board hereThe Library Board has authorized several enhancements made possible by the Downers Grove Public Library Foundation's generous gift of $200,000. These include the installation of new window blinds throughout the building, exterior concrete and paver work at the north entrance and the staff entrance, security cameras for the public entrances, upgraded lighting in the magazine reading area, and expanded ceiling and window replacements.

Public restrooms on the second floor are finished and open. First floor restrooms are under construction. Fiction books and magazines are in their new homes. Public computers are being re-installed.

Q.  Who is doing the construction?
A. Under direction of Shales McNutt Construction, work is being done by the following contractors:
Carpentry/General Trades: Hargrave Builders - $253,400
Custom/Manuf. Millwork: JC Harris - $164,136
Glass/Glazing: 3F Corporation - $33,600
Drywall/Acoustical Ceilings: Heitkotter - $221,855
Flooring: Yonan Carpet One - $375,000
Painting: Oosterbaan & Sons - $79,980
Sprinkler Systems: Automatic Fire - $32,106
Plumbing: Jensen's Plumbing & Heating - $36,900
HVAC: Mechanical Concepts - $154,000
Electrical: Fitzgerald's Electric - $370,200

Q. Where is my favorite book/video/chair/computer?
A. During construction, things will move around. Staff will help you find what you're seeking. Just ask!

Q. Do we really need a library building?
A. The Internet has not replaced the public library. Borrowing printed books is still a big deal.  In July 2013, the second-busiest month in its history, the Library checked out over 100,000 items. People use the Library as a place to gather, study, learn, and create new informational content. A refreshed building will support these activities.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. The Library Board has allocated a little over $2,400,000 from current revenues and accumulated reserves. In addition, the DGPL Foundation has contributed $200,000 for enhancements. 

Q. What's the budget?
A. Construction, including construction management    $2,102,000
Furnishings    $315,000
Architects’ fees    $177,000
Total    $2,594,000

Q. Where’s the money coming from?
A. The library has been accumulating funds from its operating budget for several years. In addition, the library has a small construction fund containing money from the 1999 construction project, and the Foundation has raised money and invested wisely.  

Q. What about the library collection?
A. We have slightly reduced the size of the collection. Technological changes and use changes have affected space needs. We need less space for storage of things and more space for activities of people, including group study, small meetings, computer instruction, and media education.

Q. Who is involved?
A. Product Architecture + Design, a Chicago firm, is responsible for design. Shales McNutt Construction of Elgin, Illinois, is responsible for construction management.  Several specialty contractors selected through competitive bidding are performing the actual work. Library staff members are involved in everything.

Q.  When will construction be finished?
A. Construction began in mid-April 2014. Completion is scheduled for Autumn 2014.

Q. How will construction be done while the library is open?
A. The work is being done in phases. We’ll move collections and services around to keep disruption to a minimum. If you cannot find something you're looking for, please ask. Staff are happy to help.

Q. Will the library close?
A. Meeting rooms will not be available for public use until further notice. Activity in the art gallery has been suspended. No other closures are planned.

Q. How will the library inform the public?
A. The library will issue frequent updates. We will use news releases, printed newsletters, flyers, email distributions, website postings, Facebook, and Twitter. See Subscribe to DGPL reNews, a periodic email newsletter containing all the lastest news and updates.