Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz

Flora is a happy, curious pig who lives with her mom and siblings on a farm.  She longs for adventure, but there isn’t much going on in the pigpen.  One day, she makes an escape and tastes the joy of freedom.  When she spies some dogs training for sled-pulling, she dreams of joining the team. 

The farmer returns her to the pen.   Shortly thereafter, she is placed on a truck with the dogs and learns that they are heading to the South Pole for a polar expedition!  Sweet, naïve Flora doesn’t realize that her role on the voyage is to be bacon, ham, etc.  Instead, she thinks that she will be a sled-pig.  When the ship is stuck in ice and sinks, the adventurers need rescuing, and Flora steps up to the plate in a big way, and helps to facilitate a happy ending for all.

Miss Suzanne says, “This book is an absolute delight.  Flora is an adorable character who is plucky, brave, and kind.  The book is full of funny situations, and also speaks to the themes of loyalty and friendship.”   278 p.   Grades 3 – 5  

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