Almost Super by Marion Jensen

Finally, it’s the day that Rafter and his brother Benny will get their superpowers!   They are both part of the Bailey Family – superheroes that protect their town from the evil supervillains, the Johnsons.  However, after all that waiting . . . when they do get their powers, they’re duds.  Benny can turn his belly-button from an innie to an outie.  And Rafter can make a match light by striking it on polyester.  How can they fight evil Johnsons (shake fist) with those powers? 

Miss Sara says, “I really enjoyed this story!  It’s funny and inventive. Turns out, the Johnsons think they are the Superheroes and that the Baileys are the supervillains!  Who’s behind this plot? It’s the Truly Evil Jones family!  They’ve developed a power ray that ruins super powers.  The Baileys and Johnsons are able work together to destroy the ray, but the Joneses will be back with even more evil schemes. (Mwa-ha-ha!)”   251 p.  Grades 4 – 5

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