The Dark Lady by Irene Adler

This first book in the Sherlock, Lupin & Me series introduces the reader to young Sherlock Holmes and his two best friends in the summer of 1870.  While at a seaside resort town, the three find a dead man on the beach with an apparent suicide note in his pocket.  Then a diamond necklace gets stolen and they wonder if there’s a connection.  The friends end up in jeopardy more than once as they investigate, and the cliffhanger chapter endings keep the suspense moving.

Miss Kelly says, “The three friends are well matched and this is a fast-paced, old-fashioned puzzler. Their parents are involved in their children’s lives, which I appreciated, but this makes it all the harder for the kids to so their investigating.  This is an enjoyable brainteaser told from Irene’s point of view as she reflects back on the adventures of that summer.”  239 p.  Grades 4 – 7

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