Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

Mr. Lemoncello, the world famous game maker, has designed a fabulous,high-tech new library for his home town.  He’s also having a lock-in with the twelve children in town who win his essay contest, “Why I’m excited about the new Public Library.” Kyle Keely, average guy, loves Mr. Lemoncello’s games, and really wants to win; but his brief essay, “Because there might be balloons,” seems like a loser.  For some reason, Kyle is picked, along with 11 of his classmates to receive the first 12 library cards and to stay overnight at the library.  After a tour, the kids are given a choice: turn in their library cards and leave, or stay and play a game – the first one to find a way out of the library from clues they are given or earn, will become the Lemoncello spokeschild and star in all Lemoncello Games TV ads.  And so a fiercely competition begins.

Miss Sara says, “Great Gilly Hopkins!  This is a fun read!  You get to know all of the players – some good, some bad, and watch as Kyle cobbles together a team that gathers clues (book clues!) and slowly puts them all together to come up with the winning way out.  Lots of book references, lots of humor, and a puzzle to work out.  Good fun!”  291 p.  Grades 4 - 7