Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman

Dad is in charge when Mom goes to a conference to present a paper on lizards.  When he goes to the corner store to get milk for breakfast, he is gone for a very long time.  His children idle away their time, wondering what has caused his seemingly endless absence and pondering whether to use orange juice on their cereal.

When Dad returns, he spins an unbelievable story of where he has been, and what he’s seen.  Time travel is involved, plus a friendly stegosaurus in a hot air balloon!  Pirates have menaced him, he’s been serenaded by dinosaurs, and aliens have tried to reshape the earth.  The milk jug he bought at the corner store always saves the day in his many predicaments.

This is a very imaginative tale about a father making up a story for his kids.  Whimsical illustrations add to the appeal.  Fantasy lovers will particularly enjoy this book. ~ Suzanne

113 pg. Call Number: J/F  GAIMAN

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