Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

Alaskan dogsled racer Victoria Secord takes her dogs out for a routine run and things go terribly wrong.  As she tries to figure out her coordinates, Victoria comes across an injured boy who crashed his snowmobile. They become lost and after their first night of sleeping outside, Victoria decides to travel in the direction she believes will lead them to the nearest home.  She could not have been more wrong. 

Victoria learned everything about dog sledding and outdoor survival from her late father.  She now must use that knowledge to keep her dogs, Chris, and herself alive.  During their struggle to get home, they run into many challenges including a snow storm, a charging moose, hungry wolves and lack of food and water.   

Miss Kristin says, “Ice Dogs was a great book about the skills you need to survive on your own.  I liked that it was Victoria’s knowledge they relied on, rather than the male character taking the lead.  I was glued to the book, always wondering if they were going to make it, at each new challenge.”   279 p.  Grades 5 – 8