Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

Roan is graduating from primary school, and waiting for his invitation to attend Pilot Academy Middle School.  He can’t wait to fly in space!  However, he’s rejected by Pilot Academy, but luckily gets a last minute invitation to go to Jedi School on the planet Coruscant.  He doesn’t know anything about Jedi’s or the Force, but it’s better than going to the Plant academy.

Although he was hand-picked by Master Yoda, Roan has lots of trouble fitting in and can’t seem to get the hang of “using the Force.”   He keeps a journal of his first year, illustrated with lots of cartoon panels, and begins to make friends.  He even develops a regular comic strip for the school paper, The Padawan Observer.  And, he gets to take Intro to Light Saber Construction!  Things are looking up. If only he could get the hang of using the Force.

Miss Sara says, “This was a great read!  It’s fun, full of Star Wars puns and jokes, and has a Wimpy kid feel, but is more gentle.  It’s a bit like Hogwarts, too – you meet the teachers, see his report cards, some kids seem pulled toward the Dark Side, etc.  And, although there were doubts along the way, it turns out that Yoda was right – Powerful Jedi you may become!”   160 p.  Grades 3 – 6

Call Number: J STAR WARS