My Name is Resolute by Nancy Turner

Nancy Turner’s latest is a gripping adventure novel following the tumultuous life of a young woman named Resolute Talbot.  At the tender age of 11, Resolute and her sister are snatched from her family’s Jamaican plantation in 1729 by Saracen pirates, never to see their family again. She is forced into indentured servitude by hard-edged Puritans, and finally gains her freedom as a young woman. Resolute steadfastly holds onto the dream of one day redeeming her family home, but life in Lexington, Massachusetts, holds its own intrigues and new dreams for her.  In this novel, America itself is a young rebellious character, just like Resolute herself.  As the Revolutionary War begins on the soil of Resolute’s new home, the author makes the reader understand the difference between felt freedom and true freedom, while America and Resolute make choices that forever change the course of history. A perfect read for those looking for a little adventure! ~Joy

Fiction TURNER, N.E.