Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

In the thrilling conclusion to the Grisha trilogy, Leigh Bardugo has outdone herself again. We left Alina, the Sun Summoner, in a dark underworld ruled by the Apparats where there is no way she can summon the sun to give herself and those around her the sun’s power.  Yet her people still worship her in her weakened state as a Saint, renowned for her ability to capture the sun’s energy as a holy force. Her best friend Mal concocts a plan to free Alina from her dark prison and strategizes how to free Ravka from the grip of the Darkling. Alina seeks the third amplifier, which she is convinced is the elusive firebird, which will break the power of the Darkling once and for all. But what is revealed will require supreme sacrifice for Mal, Alina, and the people of Ravka to determine that freedom reigns once more. If you haven’t read this trilogy, get your hands on the first book in this stunning series, Shadow and Bone. I dare you to put it down!

Call Number: Teen Fiction BARDUGO, L.

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