Turn Left at the Cow by Lisa Bullard

Unhappy living with his new stepfather,Travis runs off to his grandmother’s home in small town Minnesota, where his late dad grew up. His dad, who died before Travis was born, was a local legend, suspected of robbing a bank and then never heard from again. When Travis shows up everyone believes he has come to retrieve the lost money, especially when some of the marked bills show up in local stores. Travis has no knowledge of his dad’s history or any idea where the loot is stashed. He enlists the help of Kenny, a neighbor kid, and his cute cousin Iz, to prove his innocence and perhaps find the money along the way.

Things get complicated when Travis begins to suspect his Gram of participating in a cover-up of the crime,  He receives a seriously threatening note and then the house gets totally ransacked. Is Travis’ dad really dead? Did he have an accomplice in the robbery? Who has something to lose a dozen years after the crime?

This is a slow-paced but suspenseful mystery. Travis is a well-developed character who goes through all sorts of pre-teen self-doubts about his life, family and first crush. This is as much a coming of age novel as it is a mystery, with a lot of emphasis put on Travis’ relationship with Iz, his first romantic interest. The book comes to a satisfactory ending and answers long-lost questions about Travis’ dad.   ~ Diane 

 297 p.   Call Number: J/F  BULLARD

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