Vitro by Jessica Khoury

When seven-year-old Sophie Crue and her father left Guam, her scientist mother stayed behind, working for Corpus on Skin Island. Much later, seventeen-year-old Sophie gets an emergency email from her mother. On Guam, no one will fly Sophie to mysterious Skin Island. Jim , a childhood friend, reluctantly agrees to take her and the plane is damaged on landing. Sophie goes with island resident Nicholas to find her mother, but becomes suspicious of him. Sophie slips into a room to find Lux sleeping – a girl who looks exactly like her. Jim realizes the damage to the plane was intentional and searches for Sophie. The ‘Sophie’ he finds is both helplessly childlike and frighteningly capable, and definitely not the girl he brought to the island.

The teens on the island are Vitros, the results of the in-vitro research being carried out on Skin Island. The more Sophie and Jim discover about that research, the more horrified they become, and the more determined they are to help Lux and the other Vitros.

Miss Norine says, “When does science cross the ethical line between right and wrong? Fans of Khoury’s Origin won’t be disappointed with this fast-paced, action-filled, sci-fi thriller. The ending leaves room for sequels to come.”   356 p.   Grades 7 – 11

J Fiction KHOURY