We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Cadence Sinclair Easton comes from an incredibly privileged East Coast family, in which every member is blonde, beautiful, and wealthy. The Sinclairs own a private island, where all convene every summer. Cady, along with the other family “Liars,” have spent carefree, idyllic summers on the island…until the summer Cady turns fifteen. Summer 15 is filled with fun and first love, until the horrible night Cady is found alone on the beach. Half-drowned, bloody, and with severe head trauma, Cady cannot remember anything that occurred and her family has been given strict instructions not to tell. Two years pass, during which Cady succumbs to migraines, severe depression, and continued memory loss, until she decides to revisit the island for her seventeenth summer. As her memories begin to come back, Cady is horrified by the sinister light that is shed on members of the Sinclair family. She must ask herself, as oldest grandchild and heir to the estate, whether what happened to her years before was truly an accident. This newest by Lockhart is powerful, poetic, and thrilling.


 Teen Fiction LOCKHART, E.

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