Wild Born by Brandon Mull

The children of Erdas are required to drink Nectar when they turn eleven to see if they will become one of the few to have a spirit animal.  Four children are about to discover that they each have spirit animal bonds which are rare links between human and animal that give great powers to both.  Conor, an indentured servant, calls Briggan the wolf.  Abeke, the young warrior, calls Uraza the leopard.  Jhi the panda comes to Meilin, the daughter of a general, and Rollan, an orphan from the streets, calls Essix the falcon.  These kids are now tied together to a greater destiny, and must undertake the burden of saving their world.  The Greencloaks, a powerful but secretive order, guide the children to bond with their animals and prepare them to fight the enemy.

Miss Kristin says, “This fast-paced book is a page turner, right to the end!  I enjoyed how the children learn to bond with the spirit animals.  The end of the book keeps you wondering what will happen next, and readers will want to go right on to book 2, The Hunted.   Similar to the 39 Clues series, each title in the Spirit Animals series is being written by a different popular children’s author.”   202 p.   Grades 3 - 7